Kelly Johnson Hires Headshot Photography Expert, MEDIA for her Stephen Gould Professional Headshots

Kelly Johnson is a very smart person. So, Kelly Johnson hired Headshot Photography Expert, MEDIA for her Stephen Gould Professional Headshots. We photographed this beautiful person’s wedding and additional portraits through Apples and Cinema, and now, had the honor to have our services requested to photograph her posed and lifestyle head shot session. Check out some of our favorites!

Web Development by MEDIA for Penn Acres

They’re revolutionizing the amount of inventory available for families to find homes in Pennsylvania. Meet Penn Acres! We build their website, and we’re writing about them on our blog to help land owners find them.

Penn Acres is a Pittsburgh-based Development Company that develops attractive premier communities in active, and emerging neighborhoods throughout Pennsylvania.

They are positioned to become one of the largest residential development companies of Single Family as well as Multi-Family Communities in Western Pennsylvania.

They were born and raised in the area. They are your neighbors.

They are a local team that consists of fellow Land Owners, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Attorneys, Real Estate Professionals, Home Builders, Commercial and Residential Developers.

Custom Logo Design and On-Site Headshots by the MEDIA Team for Falcon Plastic Surgery is truly beautiful

The Custom Logo Design completed by the MEDIA Art Department for Falcon Plastic Surgery is truly beautiful. Just like all of their clients once they’re received one of their many services.

Did you know? MEDIA has a full-service design team that can take your vision, and turn it into a branding reality, with all hands on deck!

Just like we did for the customized logo design we created for Falcon Plastic Surgery. Check it out!

With every custom logo design project, we provide 3-5 logo versions for the client to choose from, and select characteristic from each one to create the next following drafts, until we get a logo that is exactly what they need.

We were proud to do this for such a respected plastic surgery firm, and we are excited to continue working with them for future projects.

You can contact us to schedule your next photography, videography, graphic design, professional writing or web development project – we’ll make it happen for you!


And not only did we design their logo, but we also went to their location to grab their hesdshots for an upcoming article! Give us a call to schedule your headshot session today!

Corporate Event Planning

We understand the importance of organization, budgeting, contract negotiations, meeting content, details, and quality. Our planning differs for every event and is consistent with your company’s brand and event theme.

We want to make sure your events are truly one of a kind. We will gladly help you select the perfect theme to create your brand’s customized look and message. We have over a decade of experience organizing events in the corporate world and not-for-profit organizations. Our experience is both local and national! We handle everything for you such as city selection, site visitations, itinerary organization, travel logistics, team building activities, hiring guest speakers, menu selections, AV, entertainment, photography, marketing, meeting content, event communications, event decor and more. Here are a few snaps from some of the events we’ve organized!

Do These 5 Things to Get Attention on Social Media – Social Media Management by Popinvasion is The Best

You know all that stunning media we created for you, or you’ve been thinking about hiring us for? Well, we can use it to create and run your social media channels, and really get your customers and clients’ attention! But, if you still want to go at it on your own, here’s 5 things you can do to get attention on social media. Although we suggest you keep doing what you do best, and let us do what we’re awesome at too, which is to provide you with all things media, from start to success! 

  1. Hashtags – Use relevant hashtags, that are searched and used often by others. And did you know that now you can follow hashtags on instagram, too? That’s pretty useful to use ’em to get traffic to your instagram account! Need some help figuring out what those good hashtags for ya are, and how to best place them? Call our experts, and we can provide that service!
  2. Go live – Going live will give all of your followers a notification about you. Even if no one watches it, it’ll still get their attention by giving them a notification with your user name. And did you know you can now go live with other instagrammers as guests? That’s an amazing opportunity to cross-promote. Need help figuring out when the best time for your account to go live is? Ask us! We provide social media consultations as well! 
  3. Comments – Comments on your posts will get you more attention on your posts. The more comments, the better! So make sure you keep an eye out to reply to comments, and keep the conversation going!
  4. Love vs. Like – When you post on Facebook, be sure to ask your followers to love your posts! Posts that receive LOVEs rather than LIKEs, will get more attention from others! Although Facebook page accounts really work best when putting in some monetary investment on your content. AND, if you need help figuring out how to do that without wasting precious capital, e-mail us! We’ll help you out.
  5. Call to action – Don’t just post things. Get your followers involved! The more involvement, the more you stuff gets attention from others! Need some tips on how to do that? We can certainly book a consulting session to give you some guidance.

Well, that’s all for now, friends! We’re here for you when you need us. We’re the only media company in Pittsburgh that NOT ONLY creates the best media (Photo, Video, Writing, Web, Graphic) for you in-house, but we also have the expertise and are constantly educating ourselves on how to use the media to best promote you. So, contact us, and let’s get going on that – let’s get your media from start to success, along with your brand! And don’t even get us started on how awesome our SEO and SEM services are….or- DO get us started! Contact us if you want info on that as well!

What’s In a Name? Popinvasion Creative Agency Rebrands to MEDIA – the creative agency.

What’s in a name? Well, a lot, actually. We talk a big game about branding, and sticking with the trends, so we put our money where our mouth is, and completely rebranded Popinvasion to our new brand, MEDIA – the creative agency.

Why did we do this? Because we believe in what we do. We believe in evolving with the trends, and keeping up with the latest graphics and marketing moves. There’s a lot behind our new name, actually!

For one: did you know that having important key words in your business name and domain name is SO important in helping others find you on Google? Hence our important keywords in our new business name!

Also, as we grow and our team grows with us, we wanted to recreate a brand that was comprehensive for our team to promote to clients. Much like we’d advise for you to do as well! So what do you think?

Drop us an e-mail so we can keep working with awesome people like you and post even more good stuff on our MEDIA blog! We love to make our clients happy by providing you with professional photography, videography, graphic design, web development, social media management, seo, written content, and corporate event planning.