Congrats to you for being the genius that you are and recognizing the importance of being visible online and getting help to do it too!

You are someone who exponentially improves the lives of your AWESOME clients who you LOVE, and you’re craving full support with your online presence.

As someone who easily attracts people into your world,  you’re looking for a way to not only keep that going, but expand that so that you can live more of a life of peace and ease…

…while you totally unleash your online marketing to someone who completely GETS YOU and is able to fully embody who you are with your online presence. 

Everything you’ve done up until this point has gotten you this far, and in order for you to fully step into your next level of world-changing, while growing your income beyond dream levels…

…it’s time for you to allow yourself to receive full support from a team like us, so you can fully focus on doing only what you love while being more present for your life that you want to live. 

Our organic online marketing team is for you, the personable, beloved expert who does well connecting genuinely with people in person when you’re physically in front of them…

and you’re looking for someone that can truly and authentically embody that for you, and almost fully take the load off of your shoulders when it comes to being consistent with your online marketing.


You are so magnetic that we get that part of this is that you already have a list of clients waiting to work with you. We can totally help free you from the shackles from your day-to-day involvement in your online marketing while making sure we stay focused on your big income goals in a way that will keep what you love to do in the forefront. That way you get to do more and more of it as you attract more and more income too.

Not only do we declutter your schedule from your online marketing to-dos, we also help you decipher what can be minimalized in your business plan and strategy to free up EVEN MORE of your time as we attract more of your ideal clients. 

So that your desired clients that you know are already out there and are ready for you…

  • Can consistently see you being visible online as the VIP you are even more
  • And not only do they totally UNDERSTAND what you do by seeing your online content…
  • They feel instantly SO connected to your amazing positive energy – without you having to do all  the work to make it happen. 

This is all without you:

  • Having to do any of the complex writing typically necessary when you work with ad agencies
  • You feeling like you’re an employee of the marketing agency you hired rather than the CEO of your own business because other media companies ask you to do so much work 
  • Guessing what’s working and not working and fumbling through trying to figure it out on your own 
  • Keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and top influencer gurus yourself
  • Needing to be on top of what happens next, or saying this needs to go out or that needs to go out 
  • Complicated overly-techie “strategies” that are really designed to please a bunch of computers rather than the REAL PEOPLE that are ready to hear from you and ready to say YES to being your client 

You recognize that GOOD online marketing takes time, research, analyzation, customization, and keeping up with the newest and latest marketing strategies, and guru trends – and you don’t have time for any of that. Nor do you WANT to do any of that.

You’ve seen companies vouching to get you thousands and thousands of comments, likes, engagement, followers…

…but the truth is you need someone who is more than that for you.

You need a team who is in your corner for your vision and mission, and can completely absorb your voice and goals  and speak as you through your emails, social posts, and blog posts while simultaneously helping you strategize your business…

…so that as you make a deeper connection with your online audience, you’re maintaining the schedule you want, the boundaries you want, and feel a sense of ease and flow with the growth you naturally attract.  

Our social media management is totally different than what you see out there.

You are so amazing, and there is so much more potential that you could tap into with our help.

  • Multiple new locations in your future 
  • More visibility through incredible speaking gigs and MEDIA coverage opportunities naturally coming to you 
  • Being able to more and more only say yes to what TRULY fuels you and excites you and fulfills your true purpose 
  • Organize amazing events to change the lives of your clients 

Unlike other marketing peeps, we strategize with you specifically as the person that you are and help you get super clear on who your ideal high-end client is so that when we  create content for you, your social media and web presence speaks directly to your ideal high-end clients so that they feel compelled to reach out to you when they read your posts, emails and blogs. 

And they’re ready to say YES to being your client because of it all.

By working with us, you’ll be significantly decreasing the follow-ups you typically would have to do because when your high-end clients read your content online, they’ll already be ready to work with you by the time they reach out.

Our key determining factor when working with you is – are you getting a regular flow of incoming messages, emails, and engagement from qualified, desirable high-end clients?

NOT how many random people did we get you as new followers or are we cold-bugging with boring email newsletters? 

We aim for robust, steady, organic growth for you with quality followers as opposed to thousands of people that will never actually buy anything from you and are just in it for your freebie offers.

And maybe you decide that you do also want to invest in things like ads and lists to grow your cold audience as well. Enlisting the help of our team actually ACCENTUATES the results you get from efforts like that too. Because as the cold leads come in through methods like lists and ads, they read your content we create, and totally warm up to you and get to know you personally to form that deep connection, instead of bouncing back out of your world. 


Throughout the whole process with us, you’ll get to work 1:1 with me, Marta. As much as I feel you when it comes to tooting my own horn– that it feels kinda hard– it’s important for you to know that a big part of this is that you’ll have in your back pocket, every step of the way, an award-winning entrepreneur who has been internationally recognized as an entrepreneurial expert by media outlets like WPXI, The Wallstreet Journal, The Today Show, and Inspiring Lives Magazine.

I’ve been dubbed the expert of my signature Minimalist Method, a method that uses marketing tactics to make the effort of getting more and more sales as least time consuming and energy-draining as possible.

I’ve served large corporations internationally with my marketing consulting for over a decade, and throughout this program you will have exclusive, unlimited access to me so that you can grow your sales with qualified, ideal dream clients through your marketing.

I am passionate about helping women to get the best marketing with the least pull on your time. 

As a mom of 5, my heart is with you as a female entrepreneur who has a full life and is looking for a way to be fully present and intentional with your family while you change the lives of your clients that you love like your family. 

AND! You’ll also have support from my must-have and Emmy-award-winning experts and fellow coaches on my team, so you can even more easily and quickly achieve your goals and growth while remaining focused on your faith and family. All while you become more focused and so clear on what you want and how you’re gonna get it too with your biz. 


  • We commit to dedicating our team to you for 12 months, so you can receive the long-term results you desire, as we strategically set your business up for success for years to come 
  • An initial strategy session with me and my team to help you identify your ideal high-end clients and how to best reach them – while living the life you love. After just this first call, clients feel uplifted, relieved, and a brand new sense of positive energy for their brand and vision and how much EASIER it can all be for them with our guidance and support. 
  • Professional photo shoot by our Emmy-winning team so you’ll have compelling images that establish you as the personable expert people want to hire and refer – people will stop their scroll in their tracks when they see the images we create for you 
  • Virtual weekly planning, analyzing and strategy sessions if you wish to have them, for us to absorb your voice,  to present you with our findings and give you a full review of your content (3 times a month) – PS the longer you’re with us, the less involved you’ll HAVE to be, but you GET to be as involved as you want. 
  • Our award-winning creative team, dedicated to you – producing copy-writing that includes compelling messaging, copy-editing, and incorporating your photos for your Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin posting campaign that attracts your IDEAL clients organically and compellingly.
  • An instant audience of comments and engagement from our elite clients who are fellow clients of this VIP program  
  • An online VIP community of amazing business leaders such as yourself to network with and lift each other up! 
  • Personal revolutionary sales and presentation trainings for you and your team as needed to maximize the impact your marketing is having on your revenue 
  • AND BONUS weekly blog posts and eblasts sent out to your lists for you so that you’re getting in front of your ideal audience even more, increasing the chances of them reaching out to you!
  • Expert feedback on your website to make sure that, as we’re directing traffic to it, your ideal high-end clients feel just as connected to you there as they do with the attention-grabbing content we’ll be creating for you!

If you’re ready to reach more of your high-end clients online so that by the time they reach out to you they already feel personally connected to you and loyal to you, then contact us today. So that you can get results like these…

    • Barrington HomesWho went from hundreds of followers to dozens of thousands within the 12 months of our support – followers who turned into high-end leads
    • Total Card Processing Who received three new qualified inquiries within the first week of enlisting our support. 
    • Relentless Runners – Who within our first session and making a few initial tweaks to their marketing  saw exactly how they’d double their revenue and received 4 new inquiries with ideal clients happy to pay them.
    • Waymaker Academy – Who tripled their Facebook audience, and made their investment back and beyond within just a few short months of working together and continued to grow.
    • moksha physical & mental training – Who sold out a $10k program after a  month of working with us to 10 new clients – 10 new clients who signed up without hesitation after leaning into her social media content – all while we helped her see how she can easily keep growing with peace
  • Stacy RaskeWho saw an increase in audience growth, inquiries, and engagement within the first week of working with us.
  • Quantum Klinik – Whose founder went from working 100 hours, to being in her office max 30 hours a week and getting to travel more, spend more time with her grandbabies, and start an international nonprofit with her newfound earnings working with us.

As you can see, our support works with any industry, as our client roster is very versatile.

WHY? Because we don’t have a cookie cutter strategy for a set industry. We have a customized signature method that we apply specifically to you and your ideal clients 

Although we wouldn’t find it honest to say that this is the one silver bullet that will work for you too, we do have a system that when applied with communal trust between you and our team, beautiful things can happen. And even though we don’t believe in guaranteeing crazy results, as many other companies do out there, we do make it our mission to serve you. 

Your goals become our goals. Your wins become our wins. We laugh together, we cry happy tears together, and we cheer you on as we truly aim to envelope you with positive support. 

You have gotten to this point being the high-achieving, present leader that you are. But everything you’ve been doing that’s gotten you to this point, is actually what will keep you from shifting into the next level you desire. 

It’s time for you to hand over all the marketing heavy lifting to us as you continue to grow exponentially, in a way that fulfills you even more, by letting go of the day to day marketing stuff. 

In fact, if you’re thinking you’d rather save the investment by hanging on to that marketing to do list, that could be the one thing keeping you from being able to scale your revenue easily while getting hundreds of hours back into your personal life. 

We only take a limited amount of clients each month, and we typically have a waiting list.

But right now, we’ve just brought on new AMAZING, AWARD-WINNING, MEDIA-RECOGNIZED team members to become #TEAMYOU. SO we happen to have a few spots opening up in the next week for you to schedule your initial session, and get started right away with reaching your ideal high-end clients while you instantly feel relieved with a new sense of inspiration and motivation.

So if you’re ready to reach your high-end clients now with your online presence, TELL ME VIA PM OR EMAIL, and we’ll happily aim to have you easily become yet another one of our success stories – full disclosure –  we will be completely honest with you and only take you on to help you if we truly feel you can achieve the successful results you’re looking for.

With your amazing positive energy that’s already attracting a stream of clients you love, we KNOW we can envelope you with the support you’re craving, while you receive more of what you want for your biz as you live your most peaceful, best life.