Congrats to you for being the genius that you are and recognizing the importance of being visible online!

We’re thrilled for you that you’ve taken an important step towards attracting more of your ideal high-end clients through web and social by reaching out to one of the leading social media management companies out there (Not to brag or anything đŸ˜‰đŸ’ª)!

Our social media programs are for you, the personable, likable business leader who does well connecting genuinely with people in person when you’re physically in front of them…

…and you need help making that same personal connection through your email, web, and social media so that you can start getting more of those qualified high-end client leads online!

So that your desired clients that are already out there needing to hire you…

…actually are captivated by your posts and e-mails, and not only do they understand exactly what you do, but they feel personally connected to your business story and mission and vision, naturally becoming loyal to you and your brand without even having ever met you…

And so that when people land on your social channels and receive your emails, and land on your website, they immediately see you as the must-have expert in your industry who is the #1 choice for them, and they eagerly reach out to YOU

-Without you having to do any of the complex writing typically necessary when you work with ad agencies

-Without you having to keep spending all the additional hours you normally would with your feet in the street…personally having to have coffee meeting after coffee meeting, after a networking event after networking event

Without you needing to give constant presentations that would typically require you to go from venue to venue to try to get a larger audience

Without you needing to do the guesswork of what’s working and not working and fumbling through trying to figure it out on your own

Without you needing to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends and top influencer gurus yourself

You recognize that social media takes time, research, analyzation, customization, and keeping up with the newest and latest marketing strategies, and guru trends – and you don’t have time for any of that. Nor do you WANT to do any of that.

You’ve seen companies vouching to get you thousands and thousands of comments, likes, engagement, followers…

…but the truth is you have the opportunity to make sales now with the audience you already have without needing to drastically grow your audience right away anyway.

Our social media management is totally different than what you see out there.

We don’t require you to provide us with constant new content that you keep having to update so we can post it….

We don’t require you to provide in-depth research and explanations of who you are…we proactively study and research your brand for you and analyze all the content you already have out there to deeply understand who you are.

We don’t focus all our energy on getting you tons of cold leads that you’ll then have to do all the heavy lifting to convince to work with you…

We don’t generalize what you should do and put you in a box with cookie-cutter strategies just because you’re part of a certain industry.

We don’t push must-dos or must-haves on you that you’re not comfortable with.

We strategize with you specifically as the person that you are…and help you get super clear on who your ideal high-end client is so that when we can write content for you, your social media and web presence speaks directly to your ideal high-end clients so that they feel compelled to reach out to you when they read it.

We don’t uselessly aim to get you thousands and thousands of followers and engagement because we know what you want are actual inquiries

Our key determining factor when working with you is – are you getting a regular flow of incoming messages, emails, and engagement from qualified, desirable high-end clients?

We stay in continuous contact with you so that we can explain step by step to you what we’re doing so that if you ever decide to take over, you have a full understanding and access to your accounts and content we’ve created for you.

We give you full freedom to review and offer feedback to the content we provide for you so that you’re always aware of what we’re putting out there for you as we’re making deeper connections with your ideal high-end clients that are maybe even already in your audience and making you look like the must-have expert that you are to them.

We aim for robust, organic growth for you with quality followers as opposed to thousands of people that will never actually buy anything from you.

We’ll absorb in our brains exactly who you and your company and team are – your values, the missions of your business – and make sure you’re represented in the best light to grab that ideal audience and compel them to become your loyal customers.

The longer you wait to get started, the more clients that are already in your audience that aren’t getting your message and potentially finding solutions for what YOU DO THAT CAN HELP THEM elsewhere.

Think of the time you’ll be saving yourself, and the income possibility you might be leaving on the table by not having taken the leap to do this ALREADY!

…and by working with us, you’ll be significantly decreasing the follow-ups you typically would have to do because when your high-end clients read your content online, they’ll already be ready to work with you by the time they reach out.


Throughout the whole process with us, you’ll get to work 1:1 with our Creative Director, Marta Sauret Greca – Marta is an award-winning entrepreneur, who has been internationally recognized by media outlets like WPXI, The Today Show and Inspiring Lives Magazine as an entrepreneurial expert. She has been dubbed the expert of her signature Minimalist Method, a method that uses marketing tactics to make the effort of getting more and more sales as least time consuming and energy-draining as possible.

She’s been serving huge corporations internationally with her marketing consulting for over a decade, and throughout this program, you will have exclusive access to her expertise so that you can grow your sales with qualified, ideal, dream clients through your marketing.


  • An initial strategy campaign-planning session with our lead Creative Director to help you identify your ideal high-end clients and how to best reach them
  • Professional photo session to create photos that establish you as the personable expert people want to hire and refer
  • Virtual weekly analyzing and strategy session to present you with our findings and give you a full review of your content (3 times a month)
  • Our award-winning creative team, dedicated to you – producing copy-writing that includes compelling messaging, copy-editing, and incorporating your photos for your Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin posting campaign that attracts your dream audience organically and compellingly.
  • Any video lives scheduled into your campaign are added to your YouTube channel and formatted into a podcast for you
  • AND BONUS weekly blog posts and eblasts sent out to your lists for you so that you’re getting in front of your ideal audience, even more, increasing the chances of them reaching out to you!
  • Expert feedback on your website to make sure that as we’re directing traffic to it, that your ideal high-end clients feel just as connected to you there as they do with the attention-grabbing content we’ll be creating for you!

If you’re ready to reach more of your high-end clients online so that by the time they reach out to you, they already feel personally connected to you and loyal to you, then contact us today. So that you can get results like these…

  • Total Card Processing – Who received multiple inquiries within the first week of working with us.
  • Quantum Klinik – Who has been surpassing her income goals and getting multiple new inquiries per month through her social media.
  •  Tracy Armstrong – Who doubled her social audience and saw her inquiries flooding in once we took over her e-mail and social media after just a few weeks.
  • Marcie Crow – Who went from being the unknown candidate with zero social media channels to the elected candidate thanks to our social media management.
  • Barrington Homes – Who went from a few hundred followers to dozens of thousands – but more importantly – this audience turned to qualified leads who built custom homes.
  • Waymaker Academy – Who tripled their Facebook audience, and made their investment back and beyond within one month of working together and continued to grow.

Although we wouldn’t find it honest to say that this is the one silver bullet that will work for you too, we do have a system that when applied with communal trust between you as the client and our agency, beautiful things can happen. And even though we don’t believe in guaranteeing crazy results, as many other companies do out there, we do make it our mission to serve you.

Especially right now, people are making more and more of their buying choices online, so making that personal connection with your ideal high-end clients online is that much more pivotal to not only grow sales now but to continue to keep up with the ever-changing business world – and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you to keep you rising to the top.

We only take a limited amount of clients each month, and we typically have a waiting list.

But right now, we happen to have a few spots left in the next week for you to schedule your initial session, and get started right away with reaching your ideal high-end clients much sooner for you than everything else you’ve already tried – no matter what is going on in the world.

So if you’re ready to reach your high-end clients now with your online presence, SEND US AN E-MAIL, and we’ll see if you can be yet another one of our success stories – because we will only take you on to help you if we truly feel you can achieve the successful results you’re looking for.

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