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Personalizing your social media so it stands out

Are you wondering how to make your business social media stand out in the time of social distancing? Now more than ever, it will be crucial to personalize your social media content by adding photos of yourself! MEDIA took photos of Emma Ferrick, of ELF Operations, so she can incorporate her new headshots in into […]

MEDIA Takes Captivating Photos of the women of Inspiring Lives Magazine

Inspiring Lives Magazine features amazing stories from women all around the world to help empower other women. This would not be possible without the magazine’s dedicated team.   Dr. Shellie Hipsky, the CEO of Inspiring Lives International and the Editor in Chief it Inspiring Lives magazine, has worked hard in her career to make a […]

Live Well Chiropractic Uses Videos to Attract Dream Clients

Did you know that getting a chiropractic adjustment helps keep your body moving and working? Dr. Brie of Live Well Chiropractic, located in Wexford, specializes in prenatal chiropractic adjustments while Dr. Chad specializes in Active Release Technique. MEDIA not only created these captivating videos for the Live Well team, but also coached them on how […]

MEDIA Team Members are Here for You and Your Business

Are you looking for a team that is dedicated to helping you attract your dream clients so your business can flourish into what you dreamed it would one day become? Then you came to the right place. When you work with us, whether it is through photography, videography, and/or web,  you will begin to bring […]

Steve Deal of Create a Legacy Boosted His Business Through a Captivating Video

MEDIA: The Creative Agency team created two captivating videos for Steve Deal of Create a Legacy to help boost his business! How would you like to captivate your dream clients with stunning professional photography and videography? Let us help you! By booking with us, you will have a video made that will promote your business […]