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How to Live a Zesty and Adventurous Life in Your 50s, 60s, and 70s

As a business owner, you’re always thinking about the future. Retirement is an important topic, so you’re always trying to plan for what you’ll do when it’s time for you to kick back and relax. 

But what about your health and wellness when you finally reach the big 5-0?

Even before you reach retirement age, your body will change and shift the way you approach life. Women have an added challenge when it comes to menopause. If you’re already over 50, you know exactly how you change inside and out. It can make women feel like strangers in their bodies and fear they’re unable to have the fulfilled life they had planned. 

Is all the fun really over at 50? Not at all, according to this week’s guest, Sharon North Pohl. You are in the prime time of your life to make changes and accomplish all your dreams—and feel healthier and happier while doing it!

Sharon is here to share how postmenopausal women can get their zest and passion back while improving their health and wellness. 

Meet Sharon 

Sharon refers to herself as a “sassy woman in her 70s” who loves fashion, horses, the outdoors, and living by the sea. A certified life coach, Sharon’s passion lies in teaching women over 50 how to embrace aging, reignite their zest for life, and revitalize their health. Not only does she have the professional knowledge to help post-menopausal women, but she also has her unique experiences of overcoming intense life challenges to aid her mentorship.

As a young and unwed mother in the 60s, resulting from a sexual assault, Sharon had to give up her daughter for adoption. She was able to find her again when her daughter was in her early 20s, and the two embarked on a long journey to heal their relationship. 

Later in life, she went through a strenuous nine-year divorce which led to losing her nonprofit. The experience contributed to how she was already feeling due to menopause: exhausted, angry, and unhappy. Sharon realized how important it was for her to prioritize her health and wellness, as well as rediscovered the joy and beauty life had to offer. 

A year ago, she contracted a rare form of pneumonia that almost took her life. Thanks to all the work she had put into her health before becoming ill, she survived and took her first steps onto the road to recovery.  Today she is back to her full pre-illness vitality. This reignited not only her drive to help women be happy and healthy, but to make sure their stories are heard. 

Despite all she’s faced, Sharon has a positive view on life and looks at her experiences with forgiveness and peace. These experiences frame her viewpoint as she mentors women on how to face their own challenges head-on and heal their hurt.

Sharon’s Three Keys to Living a Zesty Life

Today, Sharon brings her “Big Sister Energy” to the table as she shares with us three important steps on the path to healing your mind and body. 

Get Up

Feeling exhausted? Post-menopausal women often deal with lower energy levels as their body’s hormones change. Luckily, you can raise those energy levels so you can stay awake longer and feel better in your body.

Making healthy changes to your diet, forming a morning routine, and getting your daily steps in all contribute to strengthening your energy levels. In order to feel better, you have to get up off the couch, move your body, and feed it the right fuel. 

Get Dressed

With menopause comes changes to your body, and it can prompt a lot of negative reactions to looking in the mirror. Many women gain weight and notice shifts in their appearance. You might even have anxiety about opening your closet and trying to find something to wear. 

Getting dressed is about taking care of yourself and your environment. It allows you to focus on self-care rituals that bring more vitality into your life and lessens anxiety. 

If you’ve been sticking to old house clothes, it’s time to try something different. Feeling good in what you wear is an important factor in how you feel about yourself. When choosing new clothes, experiment with bold colors and patterns. Go for timeless, classic styles that you can pair with accessories. 

Find a new style that makes you excited to get dressed, and you’ll start to feel more confident! You can even participate in other self-care exercises like a regular massage to make you more relaxed and comfortable in your body. 

Get Out

When you’re feeling unhappy, you tend to retreat from friends and family. Women over 50 are statistically more likely to self-isolate. They grow distant from others and struggle to connect with the people who they care about. This is especially prominent in women who have gone through a recent divorce.

Having a support system and people you can lean on is imperative to a happy, fulfilled life. Reach out to your friends and family and ask to meet up. Make sure you’re getting the social interaction you need. It’s important to have people in your corner when you dedicate yourself to making positive changes in your life.

You can start taking steps to tackle your bucket list or explore small local areas you’ve never visited. Those small wins will mark the path for you to fulfill your bigger dreams with like-minded friends. Go forward with no regrets!

Connect with Sharon

You can connect with Sharon on Facebook here or Instagram @zestychange. Message her to learn more about her coaching and how she can help you make the years after 50 the best you’ve had. 

Keep scrolling to check out the photos of Sharon taken by our Head Photographer Briana Rose!

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