You want to attract more clients and customers who trust you, refer you and really, really like you.

For that, you need some stunning headshots that showcase the REAL, personable, you.

You want photos that don’t make you look stiff or forcefully posed. The ideal photos, for you, are ones that show off who you are at your core while maintaining a professional feel.

We’ve got you covered!

And plus, our photo session would help you feel comfortable in your own skin with tons of laughter and fun with your photographers.

Our mini headshot sessions capture you in your most authentic light so you can show up online with stunning photos that portray you how you want to be seen.

In 20 minutes, our team of award-winning photographers will highlight your best self, so you can:

– Show up confidently online with beautiful photos that reflect your personality

– Stop your audience in their tracks with the WOW factor of your photos

– Update your website, profiles, blog, and more and enhance your visibility

Our team are pros at not only taking photos you love, but they’re experts at putting you at ease and getting those winning shots with lots of fun. We’re dedicated to your overall experience to help you feel confident while having plenty of laughs.

These much-loved sessions aren’t always offered. We only have five sessions available for this round—and they go fast!

Spots are open for Tuesday, March 14th from 1:00-3:30 p.m.

-20 min sessions
-At least 5 retouched images
-Up to two outfits
-Gallery of downloadable images for you to use as you wish

And BONUS: If you sign up for one of these five sessions, you’ll be featured in our online magazine, MEDIAZINE, along with other local entrepreneurs. You and your business will be blasted out and seen across our social media platforms and email list, exposing you to a wide audience filled with potential clients.

How wide? We’re talking tens of thousands of people that you could reach and attract into your own audience. Get you and your business showcased in your best light and enjoy the benefits of showing up online and increasing your visibility!

PLUS When you book your photoshoot, you’ll have the option to add a featured spot on the TV Show and Podcast, partaking on a thought-provoking panel of professionals on a special episode feature on the Mindset Moves show, which gets tens of thousands of eyes on each episode between all of the platforms it’s promoted on. This gives you a chance to create a quicker, deeper connection with countless new ideal connections out there. (A Scheduling link will be sent over once the show spot has been purchased).


Pick your time slot below for the mini headshot day

The session will take place in a studio location in Mars, PA. Address will be disclosed upon paid booking.