Our Creative Director provides business coaching to select candidates who she feels can truly benefit from our coaching programs. Here’s what she has to say about the programs we offer, led directly by her!


A Word From Marta, MEDIA Creative Director 






I’m so excited that you want a simple, clear path to attracting your dream clients!

(and the path to multiply your income!)


This month I have openings for a few ambitious business owners who are **so done**

with all of the “shoulds” and who desire a simple, uncomplicated path to

consistent dream clients and growth.


Without working on your business 24/7…….

Without having a huge email list……

Without complicated sales funnels….

……all in a matter of weeks or just a few short months.


I’m going to teach you how to simplify your business model and your daily

focus to up-level your income very quickly. The exact method… that I used to 10x my income in less than 6

months even while having a very full life.


Instead of “?”, and feeling like there are **so** many things you SHOULD

be doing……


You’ll be saying “I can’t wait to sit down and do x,y,z……because I know

exactly what to focus on and how to get it done with ease.”


That’s because you’ll know the key priorities that will result in more clients

and more cash in the bank. The Simplify to Multiply Intensive will teach you

the structure for that.


However…this is not a cookie-cutter process either. The principles are

timeless….but the way that you apply it to your specific business and fit it

into your lifestyle will be unique to you.


Your business is unique and so are you! That’s why you get lots of time with

me throughout programs….so we can personalize YOUR path to

consistent dream clients and income growth!