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Top Ways to Sell Out Your Offer With Organic Marketing and Reach-Outs

There were only a few spots to be a part of a virtual summit – and in no time of “launching” the announcement, the opportunity to attend was sold out with a waiting list of women interested in attending the small group, closed-knitted group eager to learn about holistic health and beauty.

No ads were spent. No cold-pitching occurred. No overly-techie launch.

Just simple organic marketing and reachouts – but what does that mean? What was done exactly? Read this article in its entirety as we spell it all out for you – how we utilized organic marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and e-blasts to get the word out and quickly get enough happy YESes to compile a list of high-vibe ladies for our past virtual summit.

Collaborate with someone who has similar ideal client demographics – Pull your promotional power with someone who has your ideal clients in their audience. Even multiple someones! All of you sharing the offer with everyone who might be an ideal client will fill the offer! You might be inclined to think that then you’re pushing the audience away from YOU, but in reality, there are more than enough clients for everyone to go around. God’s abundance is everlasting.

Post consistently about the offer – Studies show that people need to see something over 100 times before they even understand what it is. So post your offer on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn daily for a few weeks! Share about it with your e-mail list through your e-blasts almost every day as well! And personally reach out to those who would be AMAZING to be a part of it with whom you already have a warm connection and have shown interest in working with you in the past! You might think that’s too much, but trust us, it all works. 

Price your offer in a way that lights you up. Pricing your offer too high is going to cause misalignment with you if you don’t believe you can sell it for that much. Pricing it too low in fear that others may not buy otherwise, will cause resentment when you go to deliver or even that burnout and overwhelm everyone talks about. Price it in a way that EXCITES you and you BELIVE in, and of course, gives you a nice profit too. 

Ask your audience what they want and then give it to them. Before you go to promote your offer or new product on social media, you might want to even poll your ideal clients via e-mail or PMs and ask them what they would be into, and then build it into your offer or bundle of products! Give the people what they want, and they will buy it! Make the offer about THEM and what THEY want.

Associate with a nonprofit. Put out that good karma, and raise those high vibes by offering proceeds of your sales to a nonprofit that means the world to you. Not only will it make you FEEL good while you make a difference in the world, not to mention magnetize your desires to you, but people love to buy for a good cause. And more and more will come alongside you to support the promo of your offer if it stands for something they believe in! 

Go live on video about your offer. Hop on your Instagram and do a live with someone who could help you cross-promote the event for a few quick minute segments – or ask podcasters on their podcast platforms you know to host you as a guest to provide longer form wisdom around the topic of your offer

This is exactly how we sold out the recent offer by our CEO Marta Sauret Greca and our featured client, Hair Enhancements.

And BECAUSE we loved collaborating with Hair Enhancements so much, we decided to feature their stunning photography that our team took at their boutique that performs well on social media! Take a look below! 

We love to help holistic wellness or beauty experts who would love to attract more of your ideal clients by letting go of your social media, email marketing, SEO, web development, event planning, and all the other little moving parts. We’re here for you, so contact us! We’ll help you speak to the heart and soul of your ideal clients in your marketing so that they will want to prioritize working with you above all else they might have going on in their lives. 

PS Wanna get featured in this online magazine, MEDIAZINE, AND on our show, The Mindset Moves Show? Contact us today! You’ll reach thousands and thousands of business leaders looking to grow via e-mail, web, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Our guests gain instant clients just from being featured, with long-term results as well! 

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