We’re so happy for you that you want to find out more about the exciting new opportunity to help you attract more clients and customers, and get them to take action on your business or organization! 

And WE are so excited to tell you about our brand new Ground-Breaking Client Attraction Package that will change your life! 

Here’s a brief overview of the Ground-breaking Client and Donor Attraction Package we’re offering that will change your life…. 

Next month we have openings for a few ambitious businesses and organizations who desire a simple, uncomplicated path to attracting more of your dream “audience” and getting them to take action on your website. 

All while doing what YOU love and do best while we take care of the rest 

…Without spraying and praying with your web and media efforts… 

… Without worrying about it 24/7…. 

…Without having to handle emergency web or media issues alone… 

…Without having to figure out all the lingo and regulations around web development and social media… 

…Without having a huge amount of traffic…. 

…Without messing around with it constantly and aimlessly… 

And we can start on this right away. 

We’re going to completely redesign your website with compelling, stunning media content for you AND we’ll be by your side to automatically provide security, support, maintenance and updates so you can keep focusing on what YOU do best and love doing the most. 

Not only will we build your stunning new website for you, but we’ll produce a personable and fun photoshoot and persuasive video commercial shoot, but during your 12-month partnership plan period, we’ll be there for ya! 

Right by your side! 

…with a social media campaign, web updates, maintenance, security and monitoring…taking care of your stunning website while you enjoy the good life! 

You’ll get: 

  • A virtual strategy and planning session with our expert Creative Director, who has been providing media for corporations, organizations and small businesses for over a decade. 
  • A simple and relatable photoshoot at the location of your choice to create relatable and stunning photos that will attract your audience
  • An inspirational and effective video production that will produce persuasive video content that will compel your audience to take action on your business. One that we strategize together to create the most inspirational and compelling video to capture your audience so that they take action on your website
  • Once your website is built, a 14-day social media campaign to utilize your media content not only for your stunning new website, but to attract your dream clients to your website, too
  • A dedicated, expert web-strategy and development team to analyze your website and provide eye-opening findings.
  • A complete SEO-optimized website redesign that will compel you, visitors, to take action in the exact way you need them to
  • 12 months of support for your website from our genius team to keep your website secure, updated, maintained, and looking stunning while you focus on doing other things you love and are passionate about

What do you say? Are you ready to let go of spending time and money aimlessly on your website and media strategies? 

Are you ready to spend more time pursuing your passion for your nonprofit? 

Are you ready to only focus on other things that you know you’re AWESOME at? 

Simply e-mail us at info@mediacreativeagency.com, call us at 412-608-7816, or PM us on any of our social media channels, and we’ll be there for ya! 

But we really and truly are only opening up two new spots for our Ground Breaking Client Attraction Package this month, so if you want one of those spots, be sure to reach out as soon as you can. 


Here’s the breakdown:

  • A stunning and effective photoshoot that’s fun and attracts your dream clients – $2899
  • A compelling and motivating video that will encourage your audience to take action on your business – $2889
  • A website that does most of the work for you to attract your dream clients and gets them to sign up with you – $4889
  • A social and email marketing strategy and package that will partner with your stunning photography, videography and web development that will increase your inquiries, sales calls and in turn, income. $3889

You can choose to sign up for these service so that we can increase your income either a la carte, or if you sign up for all of them together, that is the most effective strategy you could possibly do!

This AMAZING package is a total of $14,556 BUT if reserve us for all of the above services, you only pay $12,989 – that is a total saving of $1567.

What do you say? Are you ready to stop throwing your time and money aimlessly at your business, and start attracting your dream clients right away? 

THIS is the solution you’ve been waiting for.