You want to attract more of your dream clients. We create the media to make that happen for you.

Formerly known as Popinvasion, we’re the Pittsburgh-based creative media agency that produces and promotes media internationally. Our creative team provides full media production strategies for companies of all sizes throughout the globe for over a decade. Best of all, we create all media in-house with our team of:

  • photographers
  • cinematographers
  • graphic designers
  • web developers
  • professional writers.

We KNOW how to use the content that we create for you to properly brand and promote your business. We are nearly obsessed with getting you the vision that you want while helping you attract your dream clients.

We look forward to meeting you, and finding out what we can do for you. And as always, thank you for considering MEDIA for your next project with photography, videography, and web development, so that you can increase your income by attracting your dream customers. We truly appreciate you, and are ready to make things happen for you!

About MEDIA – The Creative Agency’s Creative Director, Marta Sauret Greca 

Marta has over a decade of experience providing media for businesses both at a corporate and small business level. She’s brought that expertise by conducting classes, workshops and motivational presentations for the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce, La Roche University, Community College of Allegheny County, Artissima Studio, Language Trainers and more.

She sincerely has a passion for helping others with MEDIA’s creations and enjoys connecting with her audience with authenticity and humor, and has helped many achieve this for their own business.

She feels that being real and at peace while armed with a positive attitude is an important part of business ownership.

Marta is a mother of five kiddos and wife of an amazing entrerpreneur. She strives for balancing business with family and self-care. Marta moved to the U.S. with her parents in 1995. She speaks Italian and French and has been a proud U.S. citizen since 2012. She plans to take her whole family to Europe in 2020.

Marta is also the owner of Apples and Cinema Photo and Film, your elite Wedding Photography and Cinematography team. She is available for key note speaking and coaching. 


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