Welcome to Media Creative Agency

Congrats to you for being the genius that you are and recognizing the importance of being visible online and getting help to do it too!

A satisfied customer is the best for business.

You’re a disruptor in your industry, willing to educate the world on the TRUTH around your expertise so they can live better lives. You LOVE your clients, and you’re craving full support with your online presence so you and your team can just focus more on THEM. As someone who easily attracts people into your world, you’re looking for a way to not only keep that going, but expand that so that you can live more of a life of peace and ease as your mission and vision expands.

You’ve already reached personal goals and financial comfort, and you’re ready to focus on more of that…

…while you totally unleash your online marketing and PR to a team who completely GETS YOU and is able to fully embody who you are with your online presence.

Everything you’ve done up until this point has gotten you this far, and in order for you to fully step into your next level of world-changing leader, while growing your income beyond dream levels, it’s time for you to allow yourself to receive full support from a team like us, so you can fully focus on doing only what you love while being more present for your life that you want to live.

Our marketing team is for you, the personable, beloved expert who does well connecting genuinely with people, is super laid-back and is big-picture oriented and doesn’t like to micromanage or pay attention to marketing at all…

… and you’re looking for someone that can truly and authentically embody your voice and mission, and be consistent with your online marketing for you.


You are so magnetic, and in high demand with a list of clients waiting to work with you. We can totally help free you from the shackles of your or your team’s day-to-day involvement in your online marketing while making sure we stay focused on your big income goals in a way that will keep what you love to do in the forefront. That way you get to do more and more of it as you attract more and more income too from doing the things YOU love to do instead of worrying about your presence online .

Not only do we declutter your schedule from your online marketing to-dos, but we also help you decipher what can be minimalized in your business plan and strategy to free up EVEN MORE of your time as we attract more of your ideal clients. This gives you the ability to let go of the marketing and put it into the hands of people who know the ins and outs of the digital world.

We attract through strategy while infusing your energy into every campaign, so that your desired clients that are already out there and are ready for you…

  • Can consistently see you being visible online as the VIP that you are
  • Not only do they totally UNDERSTAND what you do by seeing your online content…
  • They feel instantly SO connected to your amazing positive energy – without you having to do all the work to make it happen.

This is all without you:

  • Having to do any of the complex writing typically necessary when you work with ad agencies
  • Feeling like you’re an employee of the marketing agency you hired rather than the CEO of your own business because other media companies ask you to do so much work (we collaborate to do the bulk of the work FOR you, with your input)
  • Guessing what’s working and not working and fumbling through trying to figure it out on your own
  • Keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and top influencer gurus yourself
  • Needing to be on top of what happens next

Complicated overly-techie “strategies” that are really designed to please a bunch of computers rather than the REAL PEOPLE that are ready to hear from you and ready to say YES to being your client.

You recognize that GOOD online marketing takes time, analyzation, customization, and keeping up with the newest and latest marketing strategies, and guru trends – and you don’t have time for any of that. Nor do you WANT to do any of that.

You’ve seen companies vouching to get you thousands and thousands of comments, likes, engagement, followers…

…but the truth is you need someone who is about something much deeper than that for you.

By working with us, you’ll have partners who truly believe in what you do and want to bring your mission forward as much as you do...

Our key determining factor when working with you is – does what we provide sound like you, and is it in integrity with your values and mission, and are we speaking your truth to truly connect with your ideal clients and clearly communicating what you have to offer?

NOT how many random people did we get you as new followers or cold-bugging with boring email newsletters.

We aim for robust, steady, organic growth for you with quality followers as opposed to thousands of people that will never actually buy anything from you and are just in it for your freebie offers.

And maybe you decide that you do also want to invest in things like ads and lists to grow your cold audience as well. Enlisting the help of our team actually ACCENTUATES the results you get from efforts like that too. Because as the cold leads come in through methods like lists and ads, they read your content we create, and totally warm up to you and get to know you personally to form that deep connection, instead of bouncing back out of your world.

What can you expect when you choose us as your team to help you reach your ideal high-end clients online?

  • Long-term results you desire, as we strategically set your business up for success for years to come
  • Our team bringing ideas to the table to lead you to your goals and implementing each strategy for you so you don’t have to.
  • Professional photo shoot by our Emmy-winning team so you’ll have compelling images that establish you as the personable expert people want to hire and refer – people will stop their scroll in their tracks when they see the images we create for you.
  • Virtual planning, analyzing and strategy sessions if you wish to have them, for us to absorb your voice, to present you with our findings and give you a full review of your content.
  • Our award-winning creative team is dedicated to you – producing copywriting that includes compelling messaging and copy-editing. We’ll incorporate a mix of your photos and high-quality graphics for your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posting campaign that attracts your IDEAL clients organically and compellingly.
  • BONUS – We’ll orchestrate features and get them out to media outlets both local, nationwide, and internationally.
  • AND BONUS weekly blog posts or eblasts sent out to your lists for you so that you’re getting in front of your ideal audience even more, increasing the chances of them reaching out to you! All with your SEO as top of mind.


-We’ll leverage your best-performing organic content with ad testing and strategizing for evergreen lead generation.

-Strategic ad spending and lead generation and analyzation

– ADDED BONUS – you’ll be featured on our online MEDIAZINE, TV show, and Podcast, further spreading your mission and vision and brand to your ideal people!

– AND you have the option to have your website fully redesigned and rebranded by our team too, if you wish, at a preferred-rate additional investment opportunity!

– PS the longer you’re with us, the less involved you’ll HAVE to be, but you GET to be as involved as you want.

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