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Introducing: Headshot Clinics!

Are you ready for your new and improved headshots for 2020?

Great news! MEDIA: The Creative Agency will now be holding Headshot Clinics on the first Thursday of every month!

Are you someone who DREADS getting in front of the camera, but you know your business cards or website photos need a serious update?

Relax, no need to worry. We got you! We understand the fear! We promise we’ll make sure you feel comfortable, at peace, and confident during your session. It’s so fun. You’ll forget the camera is even there!

Take Tim for example! He wanted to update his headshots for his State Farm business, and within half an hour, his photos were not only shot, but also chosen on the spot.

Sign up for our Headshot Clinic now, using the link found here, before it’s too late and spots are filled!




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