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5 Mindset and Energetic Shifts That Will Help Accentuate Your Marketing Efforts

You’re a business leader who has seen a thing or two in your business history. You’ve been around the block, built a team, and you’ve tried marketing efforts for sure. We’re right there with you at MEDIA, and over our past few decades working in the marketing and communications world, we’ve been able to pick up on which success principles certain business leaders tend to have when they experience growth and receive results from their marketing, and which might be holding themselves back with more fear-based thinking and scarcity-minded decision-making. At MEDIA, we’re a marketing agency that prides ourselves in having God-driven foundations with our mission and passions, so that’s kind of what you can expect when you read the following article for this week’s MEDIAZINE.

Here are some helpful marketing mindset tips that will help augment your strategy when it comes to your social media, e-mail marketing, SEO, web development, ad spend, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Event Planning – you name it. As you’re putting out the action and feelers in the human realm, God is always at work, and having this connection to the Divine boosts any efforts you might be making as a business leader. 

Understand that nothing is a waste – When we hear business leaders say things like “I got nothing out of that,’ or “That was a complete waste,” we kind of cringe. Because those statements can’t possibly be true. Nothing has happened yet in your timeline, and every effort in marketing is at least a learning experience to collect data and be able to improve and fine-tune your future efforts. When you align yourself more with the mindset that nothing is a waste, and eagerly expect returns even in the most unexpected ways when it comes to your marketing efforts, you are way more likely to be able to naturally attract results. Our clients with this mindset get results like additional locations, so much clientele that they need to grow their team, high-end leads from singular efforts, et cetera. 

Mistakes sometimes are divine interventions – Micromanaging and getting caught up on little mistakes in your marketing when you’re supposed to be in the bigger picture CEO chair actually keeps you from being able to experience your full expansion. Understanding that sometimes typos in posts, accidental spacing issues in your e-mail, or utilizing the “wrong” photo can sometimes serve your highest level good by having things happen like accidentally coining a new phrase, or realizing that a photo actually works better than the prior-thought-of selection, is what’s going to propel you forward. God is always working with your best in mind. Trust that. Adjust accordingly when you need to, but don’t get caught up in the little things. We’ve seen clients have these scenarios involving “mistakes”  turn into dialogues that created big opportunities for them. Again, because they’re committed to being in that space for themselves of seeing the bigger picture, and not getting caught up in the minutia.

The very-much-talked-about concept of staying in the grateful energy – Notice the good in all things. Our clients celebrate all the little wins: expansive growth in their Facebook groups from an ad strategy, hitting best-seller status with their book promo, and growth in their e-mail lists. None of these little wins necessarily lead to an immediate influx of 7-figure cash, but, they are stepping stones towards that. Every conversation, every marketing effort, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, E-mail marketing, SEO-minded strategies, web build, even when it doesn’t go the way you wanted it to, is an opportunity to be grateful for the lessons you’re learning along the way AND, for a deeper appreciation for all the things that ARE going your way. When you’re in the headspace of “I only got 30 leads out of that,” rather than “I am so grateful for the 10 people I’ll get to connect with because even though it’s not hundreds, each could be an opportunity for massive change in their lives with getting to work together.”

Everything happens in God’s timing – Whether it’s a website build that takes longer than you’d want or a launch that isn’t converting as quickly as you’d like, it’s important to understand that our human timelines aren’t the same as God’s sometimes. And while we may be trying as hard as we might to get a certain result by x, y, z timeframe, God sometimes creates delays to straighten our path towards the journey we’re meant for. When you’re in the energy of fully trusting in God’s truth, even when investing big bucks and time into your marketing, your energy will shift into peacefulness rather than stringent desperation, and THAT will make you a client magnet. Because what’s the point of being the leader of your own business if you aren’t enjoying the journey?

There is no such thing as missing out – When it comes to marketing – sure, there are things that would be helpful to accentuate your efforts, but remember that it all needs to be aligned with your own vision for your life and business. There are no marketing HAVE-TOs or SHOULDs – if an idea that experts say will truly work makes you feel like going to take a nap because it feels like too much – how can it be simplified for you? How can it be tweaked to be more aligned with something you’d love to do? When you hit the mark on creating marketing efforts that don’t require you to do things that get in the way of what’s truly important to you in your life, then that’s when things really start to soar. And sometimes, that can mean simply handing off a strategy to a team who knows what they’re doing so you don’t have to be a part of it at all with your energy and efforts!

These are just some of the mindset shifts that’ll help direct your energy towards being the client magnet that you are meant to be. And if you read all this and you’re like – “Right on! I agree with all of this! Yes! Yes! Yes!” AND you’re a past or existing client of MEDIA – The Creative Agency, we have something for you to help you grow your audiences and attract more of your ideal leads with a quick marketing infusion. AND we have a really attractive payment plan for this December support pre-sale we’re offering for you. All you have to do is reach out to us and ask, “Do I qualify?” We’ll share all the details with you, and the special preferred pricing we have to offer for you right now. 

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