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How Facebook and Instagram Ads Amplify Your Organic Social Presence

If you’ve worked with Facebook and Instagram ads, you might have a love-hate relationship with them. For most business owners, they’re a mystery. How can you tell what’s working? When is the right time to run an ad? Why aren’t they converting the way everyone says they will?

We’re here to clear the air and help you understand how ads support your business and attract your ideal client. 

Our CEO Marta Sauret Greca had the opportunity to sit down with Ad Strategist Laura Ball who focuses on paid traffic ads to Facebook and Instagram. For seven years, Laura has assisted six and seven figure entrepreneurs in selling their digital products and launching live events through paid ads. 

Here are six key points you may not have known about ads and what determines their success.

Ads Amplify Your Organic Social Media 

The first step to success with ads isn’t the ads themselves, but the strategy you use for your organic content. If you click on an ad and then try to find out more about a company, but see they have a very limited or nonexistent online presence, your interest in that business may drop. In our digital age, consumers make decisions based on social activity, and use it to determine legitimacy.

Having a strong foundation and online presence makes your business more trustworthy, boost your message, and continues nurturing the audience you bring in through ads. 

Good Marketing Requires Investment 

There’s no way around it; you have to spend money to grow your business. Marketing is key to reaching your audience, and it takes a valuable investment to ensure your brand finds the right people. 

Think about it: what’s the point in putting all the hard work into creating a product but not the effort into promoting it? 

Business owners likely aren’t marketers or have an interest in marketing, and that’s where strategists and teams come in to help. They create your online presence for you while you stay focused on the tasks that you’re passionate about. While they promote your products, you get to stay in your role as CEO.


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There is No Such Thing as Overnight Success

Despite what you might hear, the truth is that you won’t see a return on investment (ROI) right away. Your ads aren’t only to advertise your products and services, but to gather and analyze data and learn about who is clicking and converting. 

When you’re thinking about ads, consider how much you’re willing to invest to discover this information about your audience. Then, once you’ve collected that data, you’re able to invest in the ads you know will have the best response and conversion rate. 

It’s All About Cohesion 

Having a strategy that incorporates social media, email marketing, ads, photography and videography, and more creates harmony across the board. Though marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, this organized method guarantees intentional marketing targeted at the right people, where ROI will be seen over time.

If you have one person on your team handling your marketing, ask yourself these questions:

  • What types of marketing are they focused on? Social, email, or something else?
  • Are they posting or using these platforms consistently?
  • What message are you trying to get across to your audience? Is it clear?
  • Do you have a strategy with short-term and long-term goals with room to pivot where necessary?

How to Know When You’re Ready for Facebook and Instagram Ads

If you’ve been able to sell your product or service organically, through methods like your social media posts or email list, then you may be able to take your promotion to the next level. Understanding your goal is key to deciding whether or not you’re ready for ads.

Business owners who are in the early days of their company may not be ready for promotion ads, but can consider whether they want to run ads for brand awareness. This means you’d see an uptick in followers on your social media accounts and new additions to your email list. 

You’re Ready…But What About Your Budget?

Determining a budget starts with understanding your goal. Do you want to attract more followers on your Facebook page or Instagram account? Are you looking to grow your email list?

If you’ve run ads in the past, look at your cost per lead. How much does it cost to get one client? Take that number and multiply it by your goal number, whether that’s 1,000 people to your email list or 1,5000 new likes to your Facebook page. 

Keep in mind that nothing on social media platforms is linear, and you may have to spend more to reach your goal. But that lead may become a high-end paying client, and so no investment is wasted. 

If you’ve never run Facebook ads before, you’ll run ads to collect that data and learn what it takes to build your ad converting budget. It’s all about testing!

Our Partnership with Laura Ball

We were thrilled to have the opportunity not only to partner with Laura for our client’s ads, but to showcase Laura’s energy during one of our branding photoshoots!

We had a blast capturing her in a gorgeous Infinity Custom Home, the Austin in Cranberry Township. Laura also received makeup and hair by Bianca Black, and felt like a model from beginning to end. 

“It was wonderful,” Laura said. “They made me laugh and feel comfortable and got some natural shots. I’m so glad I did it.”

Want to find out more about Laura? Visit her website at https://lauraball.co

Contact MEDIA 

Ready to find out if we’re the right team for you? Our team of creatives assist clients globally for all their marketing needs. Contact us and let’s see if our goals align. 

Don’t forget to take a look at Laura’s photos below!


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