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Attract More Clients and Opportunities by doing LESS – Here’s How

What is minimalist marketing? Simply put, it’s the idea of doing less to receive more. 

If you think that sounds backwards, we get it! Business owners tend to believe they need to do everything in order to get results. That means keeping up with trends, jumping on the newest bandwagon, being present in every corner of the internet, etc. 

In reality, trying to do it all isn’t possible (or profitable) and draws your energy away from what you love to do. 

Our CEO Marta Sauret Greca speaks regularly to educate and motivate various groups on marketing. She was a featured speaker in April of 2023 at DoubleTree Hotel in Green Tree, where Marta spoke to engaging entrepreneurs about what we do best: minimalist marketing. 

Today we’re sharing the methodology behind a simple marketing strategy that attracts your dream clients.


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You Are the Expert and Activator

Whether you’re the face of your brand or the CEO behind the company, you are the expert. This means you know exactly what your audience wants, and that gives you the power to tap into their energy and grab their attention. 

This means you don’t always need flashy graphics or in-depth visuals. The simple combination of stunning photos (whether of you, your products, or your service) and written copy that connects to your ideal client’s pain points and desires is enough to stop your audience from scrolling. It’s easy and it works!

Break Down the Misconceptions

The individual members of your audience come from different backgrounds and experiences. This means they likely have acquired misinformation of your industry over the course of their lives. Everyone carries preconceived notions and assumptions, and you can take the opportunity to showcase yourself or your brand as the expert by breaking them down.

This does two things: it shows your audience that you have knowledge and credibility, and it creates a deeper connection with them. That trust is gold and leads to conversions and long-term loyalty. 

The best part? This is knowledge you already have and doesn’t require additional major research on your end. Sharing what you know is a minimalist way to promote your brand while establishing you or your company as the expert in the industry. 

Get Clear on What You’re Asking

Business owners often get sucked into using multiple funnels and complicated tech, which causes more headaches and confusion than results. Trying to do too many lead generators and allocating resources in multiple directions, without necessary support, affects you as well as your business. 

The one thing your audience needs is a clear call-to-action (CTA). Directing your audience on exactly what you want them to do is key. Whether that’s to email you, send you a message, or sign up for a consultation or event, you have to be specific. This makes it easy for your audience to act and follow through. 

The Benefits of a Minimalist Marketing Strategy

A minimalist marketing strategy isn’t only great for your brand, but it helps you as the CEO. 

You get to spend less time on your marketing and more time doing what you love. Instead of spending your energy on marketing, you can do what you know best. It even frees up your schedule for more time with your family and gives you the ability to relax, which every CEO needs!

A minimalist strategy also opens the doors for more opportunities to come your way. Speaking engagements, podcast interviews, collaborations, and TV spots become possible once you’ve honed in on your audience and don’t have to put extra energy into your marketing strategy.

Need a Speaker for Your Event?

Our CEO Marta Sauret Greca is available for your event! Contact us to learn more about Marta’s insightful topics. 

Check out photos of her speaking event with DoubleTree, taken by our MEDIA team and our Head Photographer Briana Rose!

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