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Attract More Clients By Utilizing Social Media, Website Content, and E-mail Marketing 

What’s one easy way to enhance your business’s social media marketing to draw your ideal audience to your message? So they more eagerly reach out to you, and when they do, they’re already fully leaned into what you have to offer? 

If you’re an entrepreneur who uses social media to market your business, then you know that attracting your ideal audience isn’t always easy. 

After all, there’s a lot that goes into creating a social media post that speaks to the heart of your audience. You have to craft your message carefully, tailor it to the needs and desires of their needs, and assure them that you can give them what they need and deserve!

You’ve climbed that ladder of success through your expertise and knowledge of your industry, so of course the message you broadcast to your audience speaks to their needs. However, when it comes to social media marketing, you might not be looking at the whole picture.

In truth, no one who’s browsing social media is reading every block of text that comes across their feed no matter how much it would benefit them if they did so. But there’s always one piece of a social media post that catches your audience’s eye.

So what’s the most striking part of the puzzle? It’s always going to be your photos with compelling content that’s attention-grabbing and to the point.

But how do you do it in a way that you don’t feel like you’re just posting on social media to post, and actually getting your ideal client’s attention?

We’ve got some tips for you this week on MEDIAZINE so you can attract more yeses in your inboxes by utilizing social media, website content, and e-mail marketing that sticks in the brains of your ideal clients. Here we go!

Use as little stock imagery as possible

The photos you use to captivate your audience are always going to be the first thing that speaks to them. In fact, scientific studies tell us that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it processes words!

With numbers like those, it’s hard to say that photographs don’t make all the difference for your online marketing! However, it’s still incredibly important to consider what kind of images you’re using to promote your content and your business.

Many entrepreneurs though use stock images and simple graphics to promote their business, but those types of images aren’t immediately drawing your audience to YOU. That’s why every entrepreneur should use professional photographs of themselves, their team, their clients, and their business to accompany their content online like social media, blog entries on their website, and ads. 

Professional photographs give your audience a glimpse into who you are, who they’ll be working with, and the type of service you can provide for them. So if your social media marketing is meant to draw your clients to your business, then using professional photographs to attract their eye simply makes sense.

Utilizing photos of your world gives your online audience the impression that they’ve already met you and know you by the time they reach out to you to inquire about your services.

Use imagery with expressions and emotions

You might be tempted to take some photos of your team in action. And that’s great! But we often see entrepreneurs taking photos of themselves at work on their computers with their backs to the cameras or their eyes down looking at what they’re working on, with a straight poker face. This doesn’t actually get your ideal client’s attention.

According to the National Institute of Health, “The expressions we see in the faces of others engage a number of different cognitive processes. Emotional expressions elicit rapid responses.”

Having facial expressions on your content like smiles, or extreme facial expressions that match the copy you’d be sharing, will actually stop your ideal client in their scrolls.

Before and After Photos 

On social media, posting videos of before and after photos or allowing your audience to swipe through before and after photos are known to be captivating and addicting to your audience. If this applies to your business, posting as many of those as you can is great engaging content, and gives social proof of your work. 

Use a hook in your copy 

Yes, we just made it clear how important your photography and even videography are in your social media and website content like a blog post, but you don’t want them to just look at the imagery and go, “Cool photos!” and then move on. You’ve got to make sure that your copy is as captivating as your imagery. To do this, you want to use a hook. A hook is the beginning of any written content that is designed to captivate the attention of those reading what you have to say.

We have a hood on this article by having given it a title that (hopefully) speaks to your interest as the reader of this, keeping in mind that we love to attract more like-minded business leaders in the holistic health and wellness space that love to transform the lives of others for the better! 

An example of a hook might be: 

“You’re not gonna believe what we just did/found out”



“Stop worrying about _____ and instead _____”


“The REAL reason for _____”

Those are just a few, but the possibilities are endless! 

But how do you really attract more of your ideal clients so they more easily say yes to you, stay loyal to you, and refer you? 

Well, that’s where we come in. If you read through this and thought: that’s a lot of work. I’ve got clients to serve and so does my team. That’s what we’re here for!

We love to serve clients like Jennifer Nelson, founder of the Pittsburgh Midwife. With writing her copy and creating her imagery, Jennifer has a waiting list of people who can’t wait to work with her, and when she gets to the point that her team is maxed out, then we utilize her marketing to grow her team, and then the good cycle repeats! 

With running her website and blog, updating her social media daily and e-emailing her email list weekly, plus keeping her audience updated any time we strategize an event together, we’re so proud of how much her business has grown because she’s been able to grow it while she totally hands off her marketing to us. 

 Here are some throwbacks at one of our favorite photoshoots with Jennifer below! She wanted to do a rockabilly style, and so we delivered! 


If you want to learn more about Jennifer Nelson and Pittsburgh Midwife, then you can visit their website to see how they can give you the care that you deserve! If you like what you see, then don’t forget to visit their Facebook page, Jennifer Nelson – Pittsburgh Midwife, and by doing so, you can get a sneak peek at our work too!


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