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Booking Out Sold Out Events with Professional Photo and Video Coverage

You’ve got your to-do list for your event: location, catering, technology, speakers, entertainment…but we all know your main priority is ensuring you have a packed house. And with that packed house, ensure that you have that event strategized to bring in the money for your mission as you provide ample value to your guests.

You can do all this by incentivizing your guests with a gift of a professional photo of them looking all spiffy that they can get in their inboxes that same night, and use it on their social media. And of course, ensure that you have a nice photo-op that also promotes your brand when they share their beautiful shots to all of their audiences. And with video also being the #1 top performing media on all social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and of course TikTok, you want to ensure they have some usable professional video shots to use for those platforms as well. 

Sure, you could try to trust your team and attendees to grab snapshots of the important stuff on their cell phones. But then the event happens, and before you know it, all the photos of you speaking have your eyes closed, there are no pictures of all the important itty bitty details you put so much time into and no real usable shot to promote the event in the future.

That’s the beauty of hiring professional photographers and videographers. They take the stress away so you can focus on being present in the moment instead of worrying about all the moving pieces. As a business leader, that’s a huge benefit to you! And it all starts way before the event happens too, as a good professional videographer and photographer will ensure they have a detailed itinerary on shot list from you BEFORE all the crazy occurs when you can think clearly about all the things you want to capture. So on the day of your event, you can just enjoy yourself, and your professional photography and pro video team can take care of capturing all the good stuff that’s happening, including corralling the crowds when it’s time for that infamous group shots! 

What’s REALLY in it for you when you hire professional photographers? We’ve shared the highlights with you already, but let’s break down the benefits even more. 

Why Event Photography?

With all the thought and planning that goes into an event, you might forget about having someone there to memorialize it. Event photography has many benefits for you and your business. It gives you the ability to advertise similar events, showcase your business online, and, most importantly, guarantee a more peaceful experience for you!

Let’s dig into three reasons why hiring professional photographers will enhance your experience.


Take the Pressure Off You and Your Team

It’s easy to tell yourself that you and your team will take pictures while you’re there. But when you’re in the moment, those plans often slip your mind. You’re too busy making sure everything is going well and connecting with industry professionals and clients. Before you know it, the event is over and you may only have a handful of photos that don’t represent the full excitement and enthusiasm that took place there!

Instead of worrying about getting those pictures yourself or putting more work on your team, professional photographers can blend into the scene and take those photos for you. Because they aren’t coordinating with others or networking, their sole focus lies in capturing the scene and the energy in each photo. The gallery they curate will have the big and small moments included, and will even pick up details you may have missed.

The Experts Know How to Work Your Space

You’ve got a room full of people to navigate, and for someone who doesn’t take photos on the regular, it’s usually difficult to coordinate a picture. What makes a good background? How do you find the best angles? What are you supposed to do about the lighting? You might even struggle to get a photo in a packed room where people are up and walking around or always in the background of your pictures. 

Professional photographers are able to enter a space and work with the environment. Their knowledge and experience allow them to adjust to the lighting and use the area to create beautiful photos. They’re also able to take candid shots of others right where they are instead of dodging everyone to get one good picture. 

Utilize Your Photos for Memories and Marketing

Having professional imagery like photography and videography of your event will stop your ideal guests in their scroll and have them prioritize buying into your experience among all else that’s going on in their lives. Photos perform way better than a time-consuming graphic that you might share on social media, and platforms like Facebook then flag as an ad and open your event post to the bottom of the algorithm because they sense you’re typing to promote something. Having a good variety of beautiful shots that your audience on your social can swipe through will perform way better than any stock imagery, blurry cell phone shot, or time-consuming graphic. 

Contact Us

Want to know if your event is eligible to be covered by our MEDIA team so you can capture stunning photos of your upcoming experience? Contact us here and tell us the details. Let’s find out if we’re the team for you!

In the meantime, check out these photos below that the team took of Dr. Shellie Hipsky the Exec. Director of The Global Sisterhood during the “Survivor to Thriver Fashion Show.” The show visually demonstrated the stories of the Global Sister’s who have conquered incredibly challenging obstacles and went on to great success. Dr. Shellie opened the fashion show by belting out “Maybe This Time” and it ended with all the women from the Women of Impact and Innovation International’s (WOIII) Powerful Women’s Summit dancing and singing “I Will Survive,” together. 

Before and after the fashion show featuring Sally Power’s Treasure House Fashions, Eva Dixon’s I Do Designs, and Lana Neumeyer Designs. The guests from WOIII (which is led by Krystylle Richardson), enjoyed entertainment from Dance Extensions, delectable food from Kimberley Ashlee Catering and Laura Palencsar of Burgh Boxes and Boards, event decorations by Valerie Lerch’s Posh Events, and amazing lighting/AV was created by Ricki McKissock. Thank you also to fashion designer Brian David Thompson who created the red feather backdrop and created the couture red sequin gown on Dr. Shellie Hipsky. A huge shoutout to Infinity Custom Homes, who provided the event’s beautiful venue for these photos. 

Dr. Shellie Hipsky is a powerhouse in the entertainment and media industry, and being the genius that she is, she knows the value of professional photography, trusts our team, and refers to us to get it right every time!

MEDIA recently provided the peace of mind and value of professional photography for The Global Sisterhood and Women of Impact & Innovation International for their Powerful Women’s Summit Mansion Soiree. While these incredible women gathered together in celebration, our team captured stunning photos of their event. You can check out their photos below.


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