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Couture photoshoot captured for Treasure House Fashions at Wilpen Hall captured by MEDIA Team

MEDIA: The Creative Agency photographed gorgeous designer gowns used in an Inspiring Lives Magazine feature about Treasure House Fashions and House of Couture Design.  The gowns were donated by Skye Douglas, the owner of House of Couture Design. Her mission is to help women feel their best for their big events. Douglas also donated 20 gowns to Treasure House Fashions, a consignment shop whose “mission is to help struggling women be able to afford clothes for special occasions, work, and everyday life” according to the article.

With the MEDIA photography team, we capture gorgeous, captivating headshot photography to create a stunning final product that is customized to attracting your dream clients. If you want a photography team that is dedicated to creating work your dream clients will love, then contact us ASAP! If you reach out by the end of the month you could be eligible to be a part of an event we are hosting in front of hundreds live and thousands virtually!

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