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Cut Through the Noise of Social Media and Enthrall Your Ideal Audience with Professional Photographs – Featuring Amber Scott

How do you effectively spread your message and grow your business in the visual age of social media?


Most entrepreneurs think that they’ve found the answer in colorful, well designed graphics to get their ideal audience’s attention. However, the truth is that they aren’t as effective as you’d like them to be.


The truth is that if your graphic looks like it could be an ad, your ideal audience is scrolling right past it. Your ideal audience knows that they don’t want companies pandering to them, which means graphics just won’t cut it!


When you’re spreading your message, you want your audience to understand you. You want them to know that you’re in this for them, to serve them and give them what they need.


So, why wouldn’t you make your visuals put in the same kind of work? This is where professional photography comes into play. When your audience wants to know who they’re working with, whom their money is going to, and the kind of person they are.


You can certainly convey who you are and what you do through copy, and we’d absolutely encourage it. However, putting the faces of you and your team side by side with that copy will help your ideal audience open their heart to your message.


People aren’t quick to trust graphics, but they are trusting of faces. When you use professional photography, you’re showing your audience who you are. You’re showing them that you’re a face they can trust, and that you stand by your company’s good name.


Here’s some more reasons why professional photography can open new doors to your ideal audience.


They link your reputation to your company


When your ideal audience can put your face to your company’s name, it forges a bond between the two. Professional photos link you to your company’s brand and message, and your audience will notice the difference.


Promoting that trust with your professional photographs will draw people to you because you’ve told them you stand by your business. You’ve told them your business is you, and you’ll give them the best because it’s not just money on the line.


They show what it’s like to work with you


Your audience needs certain services, we all know that. However, working with someone who’s boring and too matter of fact doesn’t resonate well with them. They actively search for someone they want to work with, not someone they have to work with.


Using professional photography helps your audience imagine what you’re like when they work with you. These photos allow them to picture working with you, and if you’re having fun during the session, then you’re showing them that you’re not just some business robot.


They cut through the noise of social media


As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of competition. It doesn’t matter what your business is, there is always another business that could win your ideal audience. When push comes to shove, you need a leg up over the competition, and professional photographs only encourage your audience to come to you.


All companies use graphics, but using your face, smile, and personality to enthrall your audience, you’re giving yourself the advantage. Your audience doesn’t just want a service, they want to love their service. By using professional photographs, you’re allowing them to picture what it’s like to work alongside you. This advantage puts you in the limelight. 


These are the very same reasons that draw people to us at MEDIA – The Creative Agency. We stand what we say, and we give our clients the best, because they deserve the best.


That’s why we were so excited to work with Amber Scott. We gave her an amazing and stunning set of photos to promote her business.


We talked a bit about Amber and how she serves Pittsburgh residents as a real estate agent, but we just couldn’t stop there. Amber also has her own business for home staging called Meraki Home Concepts.


Meraki Home Concepts is Amber’s staging company that helps Pittsburgh citizens sell their homes more quickly for more money. They do this by consulting sellers on how to stage their homes to draw the eye and encourage home buyers to see themselves in that space. 


Amber came to us because she knew that professional photographs would help her promote her business and touch the hearts of her ideal audience.


As always, we delivered on that promise, and Amber received a wonderful portfolio of professional photos that helps her promote her business today.


If you’re looking to have a professional photography session for any reason, then contact us! No matter your business, we treat every client with professionalism and joy.


Keep scrolling to see some of the amazingly stunning photos we took for Amber and Meraki!










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