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Cut Through the Noise Online and Stand Out to Your Ideal Audience – Using Photography – Featuring Organic Remedies

How do you drive sales and promote yourself when you open a new business or a new location?


You’ll promote it of course! However, choosing where and how to promote your business is the key element to drawing in your ideal audience.


The best way to promote your new business or location these days is by using stunning photography and posting the news through social media.


Advertising on social media is incredibly important, because it’s the best way to reach the most people, especially your ideal audience. However, without captivating photography, the rest of your marketing won’t be nearly as strong.


So, when you’re opening a new business or location, having a professional photographer at your event will help you establish your business online from the very start of its journey.


We’ve talked about why photography is so important here before, but you’re probably wondering why you’d need photography for the opening of a new business or a new location instead of using graphics. 


Here’s the top reasons why using photographs from your location’s grand opening or big event is a great way to spread the news:


  • Photos capture the excitement: Using graphics to promote your opening could work out for you, but all they’re doing is telling your audience that you’re open. Using photography from your grand opening will help to capture the excitement of being at your location. Your audience won’t just see the excitement of you and your team, but the excitement of the crowd and what they could be a part of because of your photographs.
  • Your photography will tell a story: Again, you could use graphics to tell everyone how your opening event went, but your copy is going to just do more of the same. By using photographs, you’re painting an image of how wonderfully your event had gone and what it was like to be there. 
  • These photos help to establish you and your staff: Photography gives your staff the limelight. They help your ideal audience put trusting faces to the name of your business. Graphics are great for helping to spread information, but they’ll never be able to capture the essence of who your team is and how much they care about the industry.


Businesses that succeed from day one understand that promoting your opening with photography is the best way to draw in their audience.


That’s why Organic Remedies, a plant based therapy business with a focus on medicinal cannabis, contacted us at MEDIA – The Creative Agency to attend the grand opening of their new location on McKnight Road as their professional photographers.


This is the fourth branch that Organic Remedies has unveiled since their business began, and with no other locations in Pittsburgh, they knew they were trying to break new ground.


With the help of MEDIA, Organic Remedies gained plenty of new photos of their new locations ribbon cutting ceremony which was attended by state officials and was hosted by the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce.


If you’re looking for captivating, professional photography for your business, contact us! We give each of our clients the star treatment. You won’t be disappointed. 


Keep scrolling to see the photos from Organic Remedy’s ribbon cutting ceremony!








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