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How to Deeply Connect with Your Online Audience Right From Your Home – Featuring Video Production of Deneen Joyner

Deneen Joyner is a soul medium, spiritual coach, and storyteller who wants to make sure that you understand and confront your spiritual and emotional pain. Through her Native American inspired ways, Deneen connects with the ancestors of the past. She uses her gifts to heal your pain as she partners with you and your soul so you can feel peace in your heart.

Deneen reached out to MEDIA: The Creative Agency to produce videos that show who she is and how she can help you.

During filming, the team interviewed Deneen on how she came to be a spiritual coach. The team made sure to capture Deneen’s inspiring story in a way that was true to who she is as well as making sure that the video was filmed in a way that would be eye-catching to her audience and online dream clients. If you would like more information on the services Deneen provides, please click here!

Although Deneen was able to have the video production shoot before the start of COVID-19 , you may not be able to hire professional video production at this time due to social distancing. Here are some of the key things that we implement in every one of our professional videos that you can implement in your own videos at home!

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a video production shoot!

1. Eye contact with the camera. When keeping eye contact with the camera, it shows a sense of confidence. It shows the audience that you believe in what you are saying and that you want them to listen. This also helps keep your audience engaged in what you are saying. It’s as if you are talking to them!
2. Share your story. Sharing your story to the world shows a little vulnerability; that your audience can trust you as you are being open and honest. It can cause a sense of empathy in your audience which can help them connect with what you are saying.
3. A clean and simple, yet inspiring background. You don’t want your background to be distracting. The focus should stay on the speaker all the time.

Because meeting with clients is difficult during this time of social distancing, using these 3 key points for a video made at home can assist in creating an attention-grabbing video to attract your dream clients in your audience through social media. Do not worry about it being perfect! Your video will not be a professionally produced video, however, this is still a great way to connect with your client.

Video brings more connectivity than most other forms of media because it brings expression through the sound of your voice and a better sense of who you are and what your business can do for your clients.

Although MEDIA: The Creative Agency is not doing any video production right now due to COVID-19 (don’t worry, we will be back in a few months!), we are offering social media management and web development packages in which we help you connect to your ideal online audience whether you have a professional video production or not! Spots are limited so contact us ASAP!

Would you like even more tools to attract your dream audience online?

We would like to invite you to our exclusive online-only event we are hosting next month! Please join us if you would like to know more about how video production can help your business thrive! Click here for the Eventbrite link.





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