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Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s “Mom Magic” Mompreneur Movement!

Moms everywhere are about to gain massive support! 

Do you ever feel inadequate as a mother? 

Sometimes it seems as if no matter what we do as mothers, it’s not good enough, or we’re just plain wrong in our parenting approach. 

There’s a difference in numbers when it comes to fathers who feel their efforts as a parent are not good enough compared to mothers who think the same about themselves. In fact in an article written by Stephanie Grassullo from thebump.com she states that, “60% of mothers feel they are not doing enough!” This is compared to only 45% when it comes to a father’s perspective on their parenting. 

There are an abundance of ways in which a mother can seek out input from individuals and groups if an issue with their children arises. Of course, if they know where and how to look for that advice. 

Success can come in combining motherhood with career; however, it’s helpful to seek guidance from those who have been through the twists and turns in a similar journey. 

Many mothers feel the brunt of responsibility and may feel like an irresponsible parent if they have to ask for help. Certain battles can make any mother feel very unsettled. These may include things like:

  • Setting boundaries
  •  Researching and attempting implementation of techniques for “more effective parenting”
  •  Facing other aspects of raising up the next generation, making it feel like a constant losing battle

Turning to a true mama warrior who has fought the battles and conquered many challenges to come out on the other side as a worldwide inspiration to women may be the way to find your own success story. Through the knowledge gained, a seasoned professional can assist you in the following ways.

Extending Grace to Yourself

Mothers are consistently presented with circumstances that can be less than ideal. 

  • You’ve made every effort to meet the ongoing needs of your children, but as financial stress increases, defeat takes over.
  • Your teenager experiences unexpected turmoil and all you want to do is take their emotional or physical suffering away.
  • You’re lacking sleep for long periods of time, which has your mind feeling foggy, and you feeling depleted, leading to less patience and shorter fuses.

In times of opposition just like these, turning to the experiences of another can help us shift our perspective. Another’s experiences will help you realize that perhaps delegating tasks can be an appropriate way to decrease stress. They also can assist you in realizing that you cannot fix everything, but to find the life changing lessons that occur when you can’t quite figure things out. 

Realize the Importance of Being Present

It’s super easy in life’s roller coaster to go through the motions. The all-encompassing daily routine makes you feel almost robotic.

 A coach or a seasoned mother can help you to remember the basic action of being fully present with your children. 

Focusing on this simple concept can make all the difference. 


Remember that we are all human. Even parents make mistakes; however, it matters so much what we learn from them. Being reminded by a genuine professional or mama that kids are more resilient than we realize is a comfort.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky is a mom who wears many hats. Hipsky is the Executive Director of a nonprofit she founded called The Global Sisterhood, the CEO of Inspiring Lives International LLC, and the Editor-in-chief at Inspiring Lives Magazine.

Entrusting an agency with the best reputation is a given when wanting to pour out some inspirational mom magic into the world. Hipsky sought out the expertise of the team at MEDIA – The Creative Agency. The photo session exceeded her expectations and she even made the statement that, “They are the best!” 

She is also an author of 14 books, including a newly released book entitled, Mom Magic Mompreneur: The magic of motherhood and how it’s changing the world. This is a much anticipated compilation book with 17 other authors! 

The interest in the stories that are spread through the powerful stories of these authors has gone global, becoming a bestseller in multiple categories including:

  • Business Management and Leadership
  • Business, Strategy & Management (Kindle Store)
  • Motherhood (Books)
  • Business Motivation Skills

To obtain your copy of this Amazon International bestseller in 5 major countries you can visit https://mommagicshellie.gr8.com/

Dr. Shellie will be hosting a Mom Magic Summit on November 22nd to celebrate her 14th book! You can join her alongside other authors to gain insight from their experiences with Mom Guilt, balancing work and family, and pursuing their dreams. Join here.

Take a look at some of the beautiful photos MEDIA – The Creative Agency captured of Dr. Shellie!




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