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How You Can Make a Deeper Connection With Your Ideal Audience – We’re Talking Book Writing, Photography and Videography

How can you make your dream happen to get your book written and published – even as a busy mompreneur? How can you create a deeper connection with your ideal clients online? Dr. Shellie Hipsky tells you all about it in our Youtube and Podcast episode, in which she also shares three key things you need to know now as a business owner to thrive for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Media – The Creative Agency has had the honor to work with leader and entrepreneur Dr. Shellie Hipsky by producing her promotional videos, photography headshots for herself and her team, and by featuring her in this week’s issue of MEDIAZINE and Marta the Minimalist podcast episode. Her dedication and commitment to helping other women has generated a long-lasting impact in places across the world.

Don’t know Dr. Shellie Hipsky?

She is the CEO of Inspiring Lives International, a motivational media company. She is the president of the non-profit The Global Sisterhood, a charity that guides and supports women and girls toward their dreams and goals. She earned Entrepreneur of the Year in Inspiration and Empowerment, the Women of Achievement Award, Best Woman in Business, and VIP Woman of the Year.

Here book Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants is available on Amazon, with a special offer for you expiring soon!

You can watch Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s LIVE interview with our CEO / Creative Director on our podcast channel where she’s sharing all her secrets.

Owning a business or finding your path can be hard, especially being a loving mompreneur. We want to help you realize your own potential and inspire you to achieve all of your goals. In this interview, two successful business entrepreneurs share how YOU can make your dreams come true and write your own inspirational book even as a busy mom boss. Be sure to listen and stay tuned to the end, because she’ll share three key things you need to know now as a business owner to thrive for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

MEDIA – The Creative Agency created a captivating video production for Dr. Hipsky to highlight the release of her thirteenth book, Ballgowns to Yoga Pants. It was truly an honor to hear so many stories and learn more about the tremendous impact Dr. Hipsky has made to so many lives. Visit Inspiring Lives on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to learn more about their mission.

If you own a business and feel inspired after listening to Dr. Hipsky’s interview with our CEO, maybe it’s time that you share your story in a captivating way to attract more ideal clients online.

If you are ready to increase your business income, gain new dream clients, and give your business the high-quality, brilliant look it deserves, contact MEDIA for your video production needs.


Here are some things our own video production clients had to say about their experience and success stories:


“Media The Creative Agency did an amazing job on my company’s commercial.  I was very pleased with their professionalism and knowledge of their service.  I would recommend Media for all of your needs.”

“I’ve worked with high-end production teams internationally from New York to Paris, and my team and I were so impressed by the professionalism of the MEDIA team, and multiple of our brand websites feature their video production work.”

Having video on your website and social media channels has actually been proven to increase the chances of your online visitors reaching out to hire you by 58-83%.

And websites that contain video have a 60% more chance of your website visitors staying on your website and leaning in to learn more about you, and in turn reach out to you.

Especially right now, people are making more and more of their buying choices online, so making that personal connection with your ideal high-end clients online is that much more pivotal to not only grow sales now, but to continue to keep up with the ever-changing business world – and video is becoming the #1 way to do that. Wouldn’t it be nice if you became the #1 must have expert in your industry with this #1 to reach your audience?

We only take a limited number of clients each month and we typically have a waiting list. But right now we have spots open for new clients before the year ends.

So if you’re ready to reach your high-end clients now with a captivating video production, SEND US AN E-MAIL, and we’ll see if you can be yet another one of our success stories – because we will only take you on to help you if we truly feel you can achieve the successful results you’re looking for.

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