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Draw In Your Ideal Audience and Stop Them in Their Scroll – Featuring Amber Scott

Representing yourself online isn’t just about posting your new promotions online.


When you want to draw in those ideal clients and leave a lasting impression of yourself in their minds, then you have to start building a relationship with that audience.


Building that relationship and forging a bond of trust between you and your ideal audience is the key to bringing them to you, not the other way around.


One of the best ways to start building that relationship is to use stunning, professionally shot photography for your social media.


Using colorful and well designed graphics is always fine, but the majority of your pages’ should always incorporate dazzling photos of you.


People have a hard time trusting a business if they’ve never dealt with them, so even though your graphics look professional, you’re not building that bond of trust.


However, people are ready and willing to trust others, so by incorporating photographs of yourself on your business outlets, you are actively encouraging your audience to become your clients.


The benefits of using professionally taken photographs of yourself for your business greatly outweigh anything you can think of.


Here’s just a few reasons why you should use more professional photographs.


Using professional photos will stop your audience’s scroll


People can recognize an ad from a mile away these days. In a day and age where people think they know what they do and don’t want, they will just scroll right past anything that remotely looks like an ad to them.


However, by using professional photography, you open a whole new door for your audience. You haven’t presented them with an ad, you’ve given them an invitation to be a part of what you’ve created to serve them.


Photographs place you as the expert


As a professional, you clearly know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to your business and the service you provide, but you can’t get that across to your ideal audience through compelling copy if they aren’t stopping to read it. 

Using photography to capture yourself in action will display to your audience that you have the expertise to take on whatever they need. 


They attach a face to the name of your business


Your business isn’t just a brick and mortar building or a bunch of code on someone’s screen. It’s something you built from the ground up to serve your ideal clients. So it only makes sense for you to portray it that way.


By using photographs of yourself, people will be far more inclined to see you business as an extension of yourself and who you are rather than something you want them to throw their money toward.


These are just a few of the reasons we at MEDIA – The Creative Agency highlight when we speak to our ideal audience and our own clients.


They’re also the reasons that Amber Scott collaborated with us to capture enthralling photographs for her own social media image.


Amber Scott is a realtor for Keller Williams Pittsburgh North who has helped so many people in the area find the home that is best for them and their families across Pittsburgh.


When you work with Amber, you will receive a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent, a committed ally to negotiate on your behalf, the systems in place to streamline buying or selling your home, and the backing of Keller Williams Realty.


When Amber contacted us, she knew she needed an amazing, professional team to capture her at her best and help give her social media presence the potential to help more of her ideal audience.


We were so grateful to give her a professional and fun photoshoot that gave her business the reach that she deserved.


If you need professional photographs for your business or social media, then now is the time to contact us! We make it a priority to give you the same professional experience that every client that contacts us receives.


Keep scrolling to see Amber’s photographs from her session, and visit her website to learn more about her!











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