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Five Steps You Should Utilize to Extend the Reach of Your Social Media Marketing – Featuring Shellie Hipsky


Social media marketing has become a staple instrument for entrepreneurs around the world.


It’s pretty easy to see why! With 89% of marketers saying that social media is crucial for their strategy, everyone would want to reap the reward.


However, knowing how to use your social media optimally plays as much of a key role as having amazing content. 


The kind of content you prepare for your social media marketing is important, and we’ve talked about it numerous times. However, that’s only one piece of the larger story.


The content you post makes all of the difference to your audience, but you also want to make sure they’re seeing it. That’s why it’s critical that you’re using your social media strategy optimally.


Growth and viewership are the main goals of social media marketing. The content you put into the world needs to measurably achieve both to do anything for your business. That’s why we’re providing five steps you can take to make it happen!


Use Your Insights


Insights are one of your most important tools for social media marketing. They give you all the information you need to master your marketing. They tell you when your ideal audience is online, when posts perform optimally, and which posts are getting the most traction.


By using your insights from social media platforms, you can take steps to plan your marketing accordingly. You’ll be able to schedule posts according to your audience’s availability which gives your posts wider viewership. It’s one of the best tools for you to maintain and grow your audience.


Give Your Audience a Reason to Follow You


Don’t just post about your newest products or your special promotions. Your audience doesn’t want to follow someone who they feel is just trying to sell to them. They want to hear what you have learned and have to share with them.


One of your goals as an entrepreneur is to establish yourself as an expert. It’s how you gain the trust and admiration of your audience. By giving your audience tips and tools that can help them, you’re actively earning their attention.


Be Active On Social Media


This somewhat relates to our last tip, but you absolutely have to be active on social media. Your ideal audience finds comfort in the fact that they know you’re present. It instills the idea in their mind that they’ll always know where to find you.


Ideal audiences also hold more trust for entrepreneurs who are present on social media. By being present on platforms and interacting with those who make comments or ask questions, you’re showing them that you’re someone they can depend on. This kind of interaction builds you and your business as a trustworthy source.


Use Professional Photos


This is one point that we’ll never stop preaching! Your audience wants to know everything they can about you. It helps them build a better report with you in their mind. That’s why being able to put a face to your name makes all the difference for them.


You and your team are the face of your business. It only makes sense to use professional photographs of yourselves to establish a better relationship with your ideal audience. By using them, you’re allowing your audience to feel like they’re a part of your community.


Get Help if You Need It


It doesn’t matter if you’re an established entrepreneur or just starting out. It always takes time to grow your audience with social media marketing. That’s why it’s alright to collaborate with and learn from other entrepreneurs to help grow.


Some entrepreneurs view everyone in their business’s circle as nothing but a competitor. However, that’s simply not true. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is a great way to grow each other’s audiences and gain even more contacts and business. Furthermore, it’s a phenomenal way to learn from other entrepreneurs’ experiences to help you become an even bigger success.


By using these steps, you’ll be actively promoting your business, establishing yourself as an expert, and optimally utilizing your social media marketing! You’ll be watching your business grow each day and with each interaction as if you were watching a flower bloom.


In fact, these are some of the same tips that Dr. Shellie Hipsky has utilized in her own social media strategy! That’s why she reached out to us at MEDIA – The Creative Agency for a new portfolio of pictures to use online.

Dr. Shellie is an established expert with amazing programs in place that she’s created and built through her own drive and ambition. However, helping your business blossom into something bigger and better is always in the cards.


She is a public speaker and entrepreneur who’s made a name for herself internationally. She’s also the CEO of Inspiring Lives International LLC where she provides business coaching through her programs Expert Level with Dr. Shellie, her signature EmpowerU Master Class, and World Class VIP 1:1 experiences.


With the help of the photographs we captured, Dr. Shellie’s social media is garnering attention on a grand scale! She displays these new photos proudly on all of her social media platforms and she’s gained even more attention for it.


Want even more good news? We can do the same for your business too!


If you’re looking for a stunning portfolio of professional photographs or an amazing agency to help with your social media marketing, then contact us! We’ll work with you to give your social media pages the makeover and content they need to make waves for your ideal audience.


And for those women who are interested, Dr. Shellie is teaching her signature course, the EmpowerU Master Class the week of September 12th! So, if you’re a woman who desires to step into your greatness, who’s craving empowerment and balance, and who’s searching for inspiration to light up your life and career, then her master class might just be for you!


With EmpowerU, you get:

  • 7 weeks of LIVE coaching with Dr. Shellie, with you get exclusive access to her strategy and expertise.
  • Three of Dr. Shellie’s International Bestselling Books for women to amplify your confidence and strengthen your strategy.
  • 1:1 Concierge Onboarding Call–just you and Dr. Shellie – Activating your Action Plan! We’ll figure out the simple steps you need to take to get started on your path to success.
  • Access to an impactful, intimate community of women who are there to uplift and encourage one another.
  • Checklists, Templates, and the Empowerment Journal to give you exact Action Steps to envision your future – and how to get on the path to reach it.


If you want to experience this amazing masterclass, then PM Dr. Shellie through her Facebook page! You can also learn more about her and EmpowerU by visiting her website and visiting her Instagram page, @dr.shellie!


If you’d like to see the stunning photos we’ve captured for Dr. Shellie, then keep scrolling to take a look!











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