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Why Following Guidance from Your Source will Lead to Success – Featuring Amanda Kunkel

Have you ever wondered if the path toward a fulfilling career is leaving you stuck? Are you a high-achieving entrepreneur struggling to get to the next level and step into the best version of yourself?

Along life’s journey it’s common to be caught up in constant financial stress and anxiety. Due to this, we often work whatever job we can to make ends meet. After all, survival and meeting basic needs has to be top priority, especially if you have children. The very thought of being able to achieve successful career opportunities may be the furthest thing from your mind because you’re caught in survival mode.

Looking at an overall perspective of just how high stress is for people in relation to money is staggering yet eye opening. According to a study done by The American Psychological Association, “72% of Americans reported feeling stressed about money at least sometime in the prior month.” That is 241,777,071 Americans who are feeling the weight of financial burden!

But what if we came to a different realization? What if we took a different approach and shifted our mindset in a direction we never have before? The ideal life you have been hoping for and dreaming about won’t just happen. We have to work at it and be clear about our purpose. However when intense discouragement rises to the surface, it’s easy to succumb to it.

MEDIA – The Creative Agency had the pleasure of connecting with business psychic coach Amanda Kunkel, who uses her gifts to tap into the universe and align her clients onto their unique path to success. She said that real change begins with these steps:

  • Recognize your vulnerability
  • Seek out knowledgeable individuals who can awaken something you’ve never tapped into before
  • Realize that there is great potential for your greatness to shine through
  • Lean into your God, the Universe, your Source

Below, Amanda provided an in-depth look of how you can change your outlook and work with a Universe Liaison like her to follow your personal success journey.

Letting Go

The first step is to release everything that you assumed a business needs to thrive. Preconceived notions of an effective business model may not ring true for your business. After all, your business should be more than a means to make money. The work you do is what you and the Universe/God have created you to do. Putting yourself into a place where you can tap into the very Creator/Source you believe in can have profound effects in every area of your life, with no exception to what you were put here to do.

Allowing yourself to really delve deep into the spiritual side of things can be intimidating, and you may try to figure out how to do it. That leads us to really thinking about what it would mean to expand beyond the known and give yourself permission to reach into unchartered waters and experience growth.

The Power in a Universe Liaison

You’ve been craving a breakthrough and you feel so close to change. The question then becomes, “How can this be done?”

By seeking the assistance and guidance of a known “literal vessel through which God speaks,” you are led down a journey to fill a piece that’s been missing. When you find someone who is authentic and desires nothing but your success, results will begin to blossom.

See Results Flow In

What if you were connected with an impassioned person who has a 1:1 program, and others, that will lead you into your direct path to 7-figures?

Through accessing the phenomenal services provided by well-known and sought-after Amanda Kunkel, this can be a reality for you. Imagine embracing a future beyond what you could have ever dreamt of because you shifted your mindset to one that would open supernatural doors for you!

Amanda will use her gift to gain a better connection with your God/Source/ The Universe. She said, “Your heart always leads you to where your desires are.”

Amanda opens the door to your universe map. In doing so, Amanda added she gives the advice to “breathe three times deeply and bring yourself back to your heart, breathe in your divine light.”
Implementing this practice helps clarify what your next steps in the right direction will be. Mindset is more focused, which in turn will increase effective thought processes that lead toward more effective and successful business strategies.

If you’d like to learn more about how Amanda Kunkel can lead you toward your own business breakthrough, feel free to visit her website at amandakunkel.com.

Amanda truly shone so bright in her photo session with our team at Media-The Creative Agency. She said she finally has photos that feel like her!

If you are interested in a photo session for your business please feel free to reach out to us. View a selection of Amanda’s stunning photos below.

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