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Why Following Trends Might Not be Helpful to You

You’ve heard ad nauseam that the algorithm is always changing, that there’s new trends with reels on Instagram and on TikTok on this day and then it all changes the next day.

You might even follow marketing experts who tell you the latest scoop on what the generations to target are really into these days.

And you’ve been told to follow all of that. Follow the trends. 

At MEDIA, we’ve got a different philosophy about what ideas to place in your social media, web development, email marketing and public relations content. We sat down to talk to one of our partners Michel Sauret of One Way Street Productions, who helps us create imagery that stops audiences in their scroll when they visit your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, you name it.

Why Listen to Michel?

Michel is an Emmy-winning and five-time Emmy nominated video director/producer and photographer. He joined the Army in 2002, but has served as a public affairs specialist for the U.S. Army since 2006. His military writing and photography has been published by dozens of websites, newspapers and magazines, to include the National Geographic, USA Today and the Army Times.

We are thrilled to partner with him! We provide photography and videography services with him and can’t wait for more clients to experience the client magnetizing that stunning imagery can create for you.  

But More on that Later

Here are three top reasons why you DON’T want to just follow trends with your online marketing.

1. Your ideal clients will feel the insincerity. 


If you’re focusing on a topic or trend with your services or social media because you think that’s what the kids are into these days, it’ll fall flat. Or worse, it’ll totally turn off your audiences.

There have been big name brands out there who have recently lost trillions because they were peppering deep issues into their marketing that weren’t necessarily aligned with their heart and soul, and totally did not speak to the heart and soul of their ideal clientele.

Talk about things that light you up and align with your own morals and values. That will go way longer than just trying to fit in with everyone else.

We’ve had clients at MEDIA that sure, have gone a long way with building large audiences and engagement even as influencers, but didn’t have the revenue in their bank accounts that they desired, and when they started working with us and we made the shift to blend the two, their revenue doubled within four months of working with us. 


2. It won’t light you up.

If you’re doing things simply because you’re trying to follow a trend, it’s not going to feel fun. It will feel forced. And that energy will repel your ideal people. And didn’t you get into entrepreneurship to do what you love?

Why have you or someone on your team create content that feels like work, when talking about things that light your soul up can have so much more impact and just FEEL so much more aligned with your mission in the world?

We helped a client with her Instagram content recently who was doing things on there with her team that she thought she SHOULD be doing because that’s what was SUPPOSED to be the content her ideal clientele needed to see. Because of it, her engagement was stagnant.

Once making the shift, you’ll open up the floodgates to people who wanna devour your content and share it with all of their friends and family. When you’re putting stuff on social media or in your e-mails or on your website that fuels your soul and is so aligned with your own beliefs, it’ll be magnetized to attract your ideal opportunities and clientele.


3. It isn’t fulfilling your God-given purpose.

You were put on this earth for a reason. Your path was created for you before you were even born. If you stray off the path to try and follow the trends, you’re doing a disservice to the responsibility you have to share the wisdom and gifts you’re meant for.

When one of our clients stopped shying away from the truth in her social content that our team of content writers was writing for her to share deep truths where honesty and integrity led the way in her Instagram and Facebook posts, so that her ideal clientele reading her online content could live better lives, she started to get recognized on the street because of her amazing written content and stunning photography and videography our team created for her.

She then brought in more team members to keep up with the multiple new inquiries that she was receiving through her website that then handled a lot of the education and objection-handling before they even reached out to her. 

Wanna Go Deeper on this Topic?

You can catch the full episode of our show Mindset Moves on this topic with Michel Sauret in our
Facebook Community

And if you’re interested in captivating your ideal clients and allowing them to understand why you’re the must have expert that they need to reach out to, contact us. We can help you with our marketing and public relations services including: social media, web development, photography and videography.

Check out the photos of Michel below taken by MEDIA!

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