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Get This Fitness! Jessica Bova, Owner of CrossFit TPA Tells Us How She Runs It


MEDIAZINE got to speak with Jessica Bova from CrossFit TPA training! She tells us how dedication, fitness, and hard work, and an active lifestyle can correspond with running any business. Meet Jessica, and get some inspiration. We sure did!

MEDIAZINE: Jessica, how long have you been in business?

JESSICA: So our business has been open since 2012, and we (myself, my husband, and my business partner Alex) became the owners of Crossfit TPA this past October.

MEDIAZINE: Awesome! Where’s your location?

JESSICA: We’re located in Zelienople, right by the Get Air trampoline park, which is right off of route 79 and about a minute away from Route 19.

MEDIAZINE: I know exactly where that is. So what made you decide to go into this business?

JESSICA: I was an athlete through Crossfit TPA under the previous owner, Tammy Friedt. So, I started there after the birth of my first son, and I was wildly out of shape. Obviously, pregnancy does a thing or two to the body (chuckles). So I was looking to get back into shape and I found crossfit and just fell in love with it; with the community, with the workouts, with the way it made me feel. You know, I could feel myself getting more confident and more sure of myself every day. I started as an athlete, then became a coach shortly after that. I coached for a couple of years then I became a general manager. I loved everything about it, I loved seeing people uncover who they really are and who they want to be. As life goes on and bad times, tough times add up and things get busy, all of those things can cover up who you are and who you once were. So, it’s a really awesome experience to show people and help them find that person again or show them who that person could be through fitness.

MEDIAZINE: What were you doing before crossfit?

JESSICA: Before crossfit I was a professional athlete. I played professional softball in the National Pro Softball league. At that same time I coached softball at the University of Pittsburgh down in Oakland. Sports and fitness have always been a huge part of my life.

MEDIAZINE: What kind of lessons do you feel that you’ve learned though being an athlete that you’ve been able to carry over in business management?

JESSICA: My greatest life lessons have come from a lifetime of athletics and being a team sport athlete, the biggest one has to be effective communication. Taking responsibility for your actions, being accountable for others and your team. Leadership, teamwork, integrity, every word you can think of. Being an athlete and being a team member, the lessons I’ve learned I have used every single day as a business owner. It started with Alex and I, my co owner and our communication. Our question we asked each other was “What is our vision for this place? Why would people come here, what brings them here, whats our mission?” So communicating that every single day to our staff of coaches and our athletes that come to the gym that this is who we are and we have to be these people every single day. So I think that has been one of the most usable lessons as an athlete and as a business owner.

MEDIAZINE: What one thing would you want our readers of our MEDIAZINE to take from this interview?

: As far as what we do every day, and what I think I have learned most from being a business owner is just servant leadership. In our life of fitness and nutrition and helping people achieve certain goals, it’s just always putting yourself in a position where you’re serving somebody else. As business owners and coaches, if we keep other people’s goals at the heart of what we do, we’ll always be successful. Always getting ready to serve and help people in any way you possibly can.

You can learn more about Jessica and Crossfit TPA on their website at www.totalpursuitathletics.com


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