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Get Your Health on track- AND Your Business! Catherine Kelleher from BeBalanced Shares her Exponential Growth and Achievements.

Catherine Kelleher from BeBalanced explains the science behind her business and what strategies worked for her business growth. Catherine takes the next step with her clients and helps them achieve their goals with outstanding sciences and routines. Her business is nothing but an outstanding model for growing revenue and expanding clientele. 


MediaZine- Hi Catherine! Let’s get started, tell us about you and your business.


Catherine- BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers offer a natural, non- medical approach to balancing key hormones which enables stubborn weight loss and relief to hot flashes, night sweats, low energy levels, mood swings and more. Everything you do affects hormone levels, and that can affect weight loss. 


MediaZine- What made you want to start your business?


Catherine- I personally completed the BeBalanced program prior to opening our locations in Murrysville and Wexford. For several years,  I was very active, exercising 6 days a week, watching every calorie and even hiked to the base of Mount Everest, but I still couldn’t  lose any weight. After the BeBalanced program, I not only lost and have kept the weight off, I no longer have hot flashes, high blood pressure and finally sleep through the night!  With a reported 75% of women in the US suffering from PMS/menopausal symptoms, I knew we had a unique opportunity to help women resolve two big issues we face as we age – Stubborn Weight and all PMS/Menopause symptoms and we do it naturally and non-medically.


MediaZine- Wow! What an accomplishment! Can you tell us more about any other accomplishments?


Catherine- I think our biggest accomplishment is the success we are seeing with our clients.  When you have prospective clients who are relieved to have found a natural solution and have current clients who are thanking you because they feel like themselves again, it is a great feeling. Our client success, of course, enables our growth. We started with one location in December of 2018 in Murrysville, and our second location opened in March 2019 in Wexford. Our third location will be opened soon in the South Hills area (end of 2019).   So our outreach has expanded tremendously. 


MediaZine- What would you say has impacted your clients the most?


Catherine-   Ultimately, I think education is the greatest impact we can provide. The lifestyle and diet in our country is full of mental, physical and environmental stressors.  The foundation of the Bebalanced program is the fact that chronic stress can wreak havoc on sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone), which will then disastrously impact blood sugar and other key hormones.  When women diet and exercise regularly, yet the scale still does not move, the missing piece is often hormone balance. Helping women discover the impact of stressors and aiding them in a natural journey to wellness is where we have the greatest impact.  


MediaZine- That’s great advice for anyone. What else would you like our readers to know, do you have any advice for fellow business owners?


Catherine- Yes, I would just advise to invest in good people. Good people for me are those that can support our clients well and bring strengths that are gaps for me or the team which produces a strong team overall.    I hired months ahead of having actual clients to support which I view as an investment. This gave me adequate time to find, properly evaluate, hire and train people I can trust and who are fantastic at what they do.  This is something that has definitely contributed to our growth. Invest in the right people! 

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