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Headshot Photo Session of Amy Travis of Catalyst Co-Working by MEDIA: Creative Agency

Amy Travis turned a once pediatric office into a bright and joyous co-working space called Catalyst. It is here where small business workers who need an office space, or just a desk, can work to make their business grow into a flourishing company.

In her own words a catalyst is “an individual who uses their time, energy, abilities, resources and influence to find new innovative and exciting ways to spark change in their family, their company, their community, and the world,…and who inspire others to join in”

The MEDIA team captured Amy’s environmental headshots to help show and inspire others to take the next steps in boosting their business and creating a change in different areas of their life.

What about you? Are you looking for a change that we can help with? Whether it is a fresh headshot, compelling video production for social, a stunning and effective website, or coaching on attracting your dream client, contact us so we can start reaching your goals together! AND you’re going to want to reach out ASAP. If you reach out by end of month, you may be eligible to be featured at no additional cost in a marketing initiative in front of hundreds live and thousands virtually at an event in 2020!

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