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Media Marketing Expert, Heather Cherry, Shares Her Strategies With Us- Don’t know Heather? Now you do!

MEDIA- The Creative Agency Interviewed Heather, founder and owner of Heather Cherry Consulting. Her expertise and knowledge of social media, blog content, and marketing management has helped her clients grow and expand their business tremendously.  She gives useful information and advice for all business owners in this feature- you’ll want to hear it!



MEDIAZINE: Tell us about you and your business, Heather.

Heather: I’m a marketing consultant focusing on social media marketing and content consulting; whether it’s writing a blog post, copywriting for a website, developing a marketing plan, or strategizing for social media content. I also manage social media accounts, and coach clients on how to do social media well.

MEDIAZINE: What would be your #1 tip for social media?

Heather: Be consistent in whatever you do. If you’re going to be on social media you need to post quality content regularly that your readers WANT to read.

MEDIAZINE: What kind of content have you been posting about?

Heather: Educational information for small business owners. My most recent post was about writing a thank you note. It’s easy to discount how useful simple information can be. I like to educate, bringing awareness to topics that most people forget or don’t think about.

MEDIAZINE: For someone that is a small business owner, what would be something for them to post that would be more effective?

Heather: Show your target audience why they should choose you. Most markets are saturated, making it difficult for consumers to choose. Decide what sets you apart from the competition and how will they receive it?

MEDIAZINE: Aside from all that you already post, what is something you want your audience to know about you?

Heather: I am a writer first and foremost. I started out as a Journalist, and I’m now working on a book. I love writing and the impact it has on our lives. Content is versatile, and can be adapted to different mediums. We are susceptible to good (and bad) writing everywhere!

MEDIAZINE: What would be the best medium for a client to use your writing for?

Heather: Their blog, definitely. I think people don’t understand how to get that content. It’s so much easier to plan your social media strategy once you have a good idea of what that content might be.

MEDIAZINE: Awesome! Great advice. Thank you Heather!

You can find out more about Heather and Heather Cherry Consulting at Heathercherryconsulting.com




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Again this MEDIA e-zine issue feature was of Heather Cherry, Owner of Heather Cherry Consulting.

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