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How Our Mini Photo Sessions Highlight the Best of Your Business Featuring: Cori Wamsley, Amy Lapinsky, and Cara Jones

Who loves that feeling of stepping in front of the camera? In today’s world, promoting ourselves through phenomenal photos is key to setting us apart as the professionals that we are. 

We are in a New Year,  so this is the perfect opportunity to enhance your visibility as an entrepreneur. What better way than with a mini photo headshot opportunity with MEDIA – The Creative Agency?

Hard working entrepreneurs like you deserve to be pampered through a photo session that will appeal to potential clientele and make you feel great! These photos would be excellent for business announcements or press releases for an event.

When you choose a mini photo session with us, you will receive 15 minutes of full on highlighting your best YOU!  We rarely have these exclusive sessions, so when we offer them, be sure to snag your appointment fast!

Interested in our mini sessions? Take a look at three clients who have experienced this exclusive package!

Cori Wamsley

Cori Wamsley is a client who knows what it takes to run a successful business. Wamsley is the CEO, Owner, and Writing Coach of Aurora Corialis Publishing. In this prestigious role, Wamsley thrives with assisting her clients in their journey to becoming a published author in their own book or anthology! Wamsley’s creative approach to scaling up a client’s published success story has led to many sought after outcomes. 

  • A client of hers was asked to be a keynote speaker due to the book’s transformative message.
  • One client landed high paid speaking gigs
  • Another client was asked onto a national television show

Wamsley absolutely knows quality work when she sees it, and that is why she booked a mini photo session with MEDIA – The Creative Agency. The stunning results captured Wamsley perfectly in her element, surrounded by books in a beautiful and calming background setting. 

Wamsley’s photos were taken in an Infinity Home

You can learn more about Wamsley’s services at auroracorialispublising.com

Amy Lapinsky

Amy Lapinsky is the owner of Cordelia Classics. Lapinsky is a talented creator of printed apparel and embroidery. They service their clients with custom made products such as cosmetic bags to clothing items for schools and businesses, and more!

This company understands the importance of visually appealing photos to capture the interest of their customers! 

Lapinsky turned to MEDIA for a fabulous mini photo shoot which truly depicted her life as a visionary entrepreneur. The pictures included items designed with personalized messages as well as Lapinsky’s fun spirit! These promotional photos are sure to catch the eye of customers for various occasions. All photos captured were at Infinity Homes.

Be sure to find out how you can acquire your own products at cordeliaclassics.com!

Cara Jones

Cara Jones is an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. Jones is working to assist others in living a healthier lifestyle. 

Jones sought out professional photography services through MEDIA. Her pictures depicted her shining personality and radiated her professionalism. These photos were expertly captured at our CEO Marta Sauret Greca’s in-home studio. 

We’re taking a poll! Who would be into another upcoming headshot mini session opportunity?

If you would love to delve into your own mini headshot photo sessions please follow MEDIA for upcoming announcements! We cannot wait to learn more about you, your business, and how we can capture it all in the best light possible!  

Be sure to take a look below at some of the photos of our featured clients!






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