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How Professional Photos Can Help Spread Your Message and Increase Visibility on Your Social Media Accounts

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As a business owner, are you trying to find ways to put yourself out there online and bring your message to life in a way that communicates directly to your ideal audience?


As an elite Pittsburgh based media agency, we have all kinds of businesses and dedicated entrepreneurs contact us to help them with their marketing needs.  With our professional photography team and writers, we give them a stunning new look that speaks directly to their ideal client in a personal way.


When Tawyna and Richelle, owners of Waymaker Academy, contacted us to help them with their online marketing, we were so excited to bring their visions to life!

Waymaker Academy is a hybrid that merges the best of homeschool with the best of private school, utilizing the Montessori method with a Christ-centered worldview. Their focus is to inspire a love for teaching and a joy for learning.


And, boy do they do just that!


When our photography team was brought to their school, the children couldn’t WAIT to show us all of their puzzles, games, and educational activities that they use daily to learn.


Waymaker Academy wants to help every child who may not do well in a typical classroom environment. They use hands-on learning activities to engage the children and express themselves in many different ways.


Waymaker Academy has been able to increase their online visibility, and with our social media management team, they have been able to show up consistently on their audiences news feeds. Waymaker’s business social media accounts have been designed by our team, their content has been specifically written for their ideal audience, and their photos look amazing! With these brilliant new photos and our social media management, Waymaker Academy is able to spread their message and bring new children in who could benefit from hands-on learning.


See some of the photos that MEDIA took when we conducted a safe, outdoor session at Waymaker Academy in Zelionople PA.



Our social media management is totally different than what you see out there. We strategize with you specifically as the person that you are…and help you get super clear on who your ideal high-end client is so that when we can write content for you, your social media and web presence speaks directly to your ideal high-end clients so that they feel compelled to reach out to you when they read it.


If you’re ready to reach more of your high-end clients online so that by the time they reach out to you, they already feel personally connected to you and loyal to you, then contact us today. So that you can get results like these…

  • Create A Legacy, who within a few weeks of us helping him to craft an offer irresistible to his audience and promoting it for him, he made $15k from one client already in his audience.
  •  North Pittsburgh Greeting Company, who doubled her social audience and saw her inquiries flooding in once we took over her e-mail and social media after just a few weeks.
  • Marcie Crow, who went from being the unknown candidate with zero social media channels to the elected candidate thanks to our social media management.
  • Waymaker Academy, who within a few weeks working with us, tripled their Facebook audience, received 3 legitimate high-end inquiries, and showed up as a leader in the education industry to be of service to families in their area.



If you want to see more examples of our work or learn more about Waymaker Academy and how they inspire their students, visit their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram!


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