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How to Create an Authentic and Effective Business Model


When starting and maintaining a business, how do you know what to charge for services? 

Would creating packages be conducive to the type of services you offer, and will these seem reasonable to your clients? 

There are some points that every entrepreneur may need to take into consideration. These may include questions about the value in what you are providing to your clients. 

Will your valued clients/patients/customers be satisfied and eager to schedule return appointments? Should you offer any discounts or implement fundraisers for those who wish to receive your services but don’t have the means? 

After all, quite a few entrepreneurs start their line of business because they want to be of service to others. Some may even be motivated to start up a business for the philanthropic appeal. In a 2021 Study of Small Business Study completed by liveplan.com, “12 percent of respondents identified giving back to their community as a primary reason for starting a business.” 

The driving force for successful entrepreneurs is ensuring that authenticity is infused into every aspect of your business. 

The following are examples of ensuring authenticity is a trademark of your business.

Living The Lifestyle 

As a business owner, you believe in what you’re offering, so you practice the same things in your own life. You have personally experienced or witnessed success stories from your services or products. This instills trust and validity in your clients, which in turn will bring about loyalty from client to business owner. 

When a client entrusts a business, uncertainty about whether the company actually truly uses what they promote disappears. This is where leading by example is crucial to a long term business success plan. 

Your Company Puts The Client First 

Your values as the owner are centered on a client-first mentality. There are always issues that arise, however an owner who takes the approach to understand the client’s needs will see growth in their business. 

When a business serves the client effectively and efficiently, there’s an increased likelihood that clients will refer others to your business. This is where the customer and owner can be a great asset for each other. 

Knowing Your Services and their Worth

Going from concerned to confident can be a game changer for your business. It’s not uncommon for those running their own business to question whether or not their prices they have set are fair. However, you know your products and/or service promotions are top notch. Not feeling inferior to another business model is an essential part of being seen as a credible professional. 

You’re the expert in your field, and implementing an appropriate business model can be what elevates not only new clients, but repeat clients into your place of business.

The Real Deal in Authentic Business Strategy 

The truth is that a lot of times up-and-coming entrepreneurs seek out what line of business may make them the most income. While financial planning and ensuring proper numbers is important, there is an ethical element missing to this type of career method.

Pursuing a business based on who you really are as a person and what resonates with you is where long-sustaining and abundant growth happens. Clients will know when part of the owner’s philosophy is a genuine approach to their wellbeing. MEDIA – The Creative Agency is a proud promoter of companies like these. Today, we’re highlighting one business who truly thinks about what is best for each person interested in their services. 

Laura Ellis is the owner of Bridges Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Harmony, PA, who offers acupuncture and medicinal services. Her clinic also includes Chinese Herbal Formula and cupping. At her clinic, Laura embraces the concept of mind, body, and spirit to enhance healing through her practices. Patients are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. 

Laura is so passionate about the positive effects that her work has on patients, that she wants everyone to have access. 

“It is a moral value of mine that these services should be shared and accessible,” Ellis said. 

Due to this approach, Laura has implemented a pay-it-forward program. This program allows others the opportunity to donate for her services. Staying true to her natural way of living in every area of her life means her practice is no exception. Ellis said, “Earth comes in with my business model, I gather community resources and those who are able to donate can, it is never expected, completely optional.” 

Ellis holds each patient accountable throughout their journey with her. This includes: 

  • Remembering regularity is key
  • Being committed and consistent 
  • Scheduling several sessions ahead of time 

She believes in the power of promoting her services through marketing, and chose MEDIA – The Creative Agency to help increase her visibility so that the right clients are more likely to learn about what she has to offer.

When discussing what working with the team has been like, Ellis said, “It’s been amazing. You have opened a lot of doors for me.” 

She added, “You all have been very responsive. I knew this was right going into it.” 

Currently Ellis is offering a special. Promo Cards for gift cards! They can be purchased through the shop option on her website. 

If you spend $100 or more on a gift card, you get 15% off with the code Bridges15.

If you spend $500 or more, you will receive 25% off with code Bridges25.

These promo codes expire Christmas Day! 

If you would like to learn more about Laura Ellis and her exceptional services, feel free to reach out to her through her website at: bridgesaom.com.

Look below for the beautiful and professional photos our team at MEDIA took of Laura and her business!








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