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How to Design a Website that will Stun Your Ideal Clients – Featuring V Skincare

MEDIA – The Creative Agency recently developed a website for our phenomenal client, Jennifer Carrasco, who needed a website for her business.

Jennifer started a company called V Skincare, a business that is dedicated to ensuring the health and beauty of our skin.

Jennifer needed a website that would represent her business well, granted her clients easy access to her business and products, and featured her blog and podcast about health and wellness.

With the help of MEDIA, Jennifer had a website that granted her the ability to stand out among the competition by speaking directly to her audience.

One element that makes her site stand out is a personalized skincare quiz. This quiz is designed to help match clients with the skincare products that will promote their specific skin type.

Implementations like these that speak directly to an ideal audience are crucial. They encourage your audience to reach out because you’ve made the website’s experience about them!

While these kinds of additions are ideal, there are basic elements that you can add to a website that are invaluable in order to keep your audience engaged.

Here’s five basic steps you can take to make a website appealing:

  • A graphic slider on the homepage – The incorporation of images is always good for grabbing an audience’s attention. Having a moving piece like a slider will help you keep it. This is an optimal way to give them something to focus on. Stunning, professionally taken photos are a must for websites.
  • Clean and organized look – While it’s good to give your audience something to see, you also want to make sure that the site is organized and has a sleek appearance. Without this, you run the risk of overwhelming your audience and losing their interest.
  • Easy to use – Site visitors are usually in a hurry. Making them work to find the information they need will turn them away. Be sure that all of the information that they want to see is easy to find and readily available.
  • Optimized for mobile – We are all busy people who are always on the go. Optimizing a site for desktop is the baseline, but you want to be sure that your site is just as easy to use on mobile. It may end up being where most of your traffic comes from.
  • Clear and concise copy – The verbiage and diction on your website needs to speak to the heart, soul, and problems of your ideal clients. It’s the job of your website to address their problems and confirm for them that YOU can be their solution.

These basic implementations will help make your website irrespirable to your ideal audience.

If you need a website to promote your business or products and draw in your ideal clients, then contact us! With our web development package, you get:

  • A virtual strategy and planning session with our expert Creative Director, who has been providing media for corporations, organizations internationally and small businesses for over a decade.
  • Our dedicated team of graphic designers, copy-writers, editors, digital experts to collaboratively create and review the content of your website to make sure every piece of it works to connect and attract with your ideal web visitor.
  • A dedicated, expert web-strategy and development team to analyze your website and provide eye-opening findings.
  • A complete SEO-optimized website redesign that will compel your visitors to take action in the exact way you need them to.
  • 12 months of support from our expert team to keep your website secure, updated, maintained, and looking stunning while you focus on doing other things you love and are passionate about.
  • The ability to provide new copy, photos, and changes monthly so that we can keep your website relevant and up-to-date with the best information for your ideal high-end clients.

Click here to view Jennifer’s website.

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