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How to Elevate Your Brand with Photography and Videography

You’ve heard all the emphasis on getting professional photos or videography done for your brand, but you’re not sure how to use it. 

What’s the point in getting those headshots or having someone create that highlight reel if you don’t know how to leverage it in your company’s favor?

For starters, getting professional photography and videography services for your brand opens you up to a world of marketing possibilities, especially when you choose a team that specifically focuses on creating marketing-based media. 

This is our specialty, and we’re always thrilled to bring in partners who fill the zone of geniuses needed to have a fully-rounded marketing ensemble. 

Today we’d love to focus on one of our recent photography and videography shoots with Dr. Cristina Strahotin at Infinity Custom Homes.

Deepen the Connection with Your Audience

In order for your audience to grow familiar and connect with your brand, you need to provide them with the tools to trust you. Photography and videography do that by putting a face to a brand and showcasing you as a warm, friendly face. In fact, according to a recent study, 58% of people said they are more interested in a brand or product when a photo is included in a post.

You may also want to give your audience a look at your brick-and-mortar storefront or a glimpse of your office. Photography and videography highlight the best aspects of your business and help your audience familiarize themselves with your company and products before they walk through the door or make a purchase.

Strategic, purposeful photos work much better than stock photos and videos because they embody your brand. This works to attract more clients into your world, stay in your circle, and sign up for your services.

Make Your Website More Eye-Catching

Photos and videos are meant to give your audience pause and entice them to read more. Adding more media to your website keeps your audience on your website longer as they browse what you have to offer. The longer they’re on your website, the more information they’ll absorb, which enhances connection and familiarity.

This leads people to become more interested in your offerings and make purchases.

Aesthetics are also important when it comes to your website. You want it to look clean and professional, and adding photos or a video to further prove you’re a legitimate, reliable company paints a trustworthy picture in your ideal client’s mind.

With this trust created your current customers are more likely to recommend your products and services to friends and family, which will expand your client base and customer retention.

Position Yourself as the Expert

When you attract potential clients into your digital space, you want to make a positive first impression. One of the best ways to do so is to appear professional and authentic online. Using imagery that not only is clear, stunning, and flattering but also positions you as an expert in your field helps to captivate those looking to learn more about your company.

At MEDIA, we go the extra step to make sure your photos and videos represent you as a professional and who you are in your values and personality. We capture you as your full self, not fragments of your identity, so you can more easily attract your ideal clients and invite them into your world.

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Check out photos of Dr. Cristina Strahotin taken by our MEDIA team and Head Photographer Briana Rose!

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