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How to Flip and Redesign Your Website so that Your Ideal Client’s Eyes are Glued Learning about Your Business – Featuring Moksha Physical & Mental Training

If you’re a business with a website, then that site is like a second storefront to you.

If you work out of a brick and mortar workspace, then you make sure that everything is clean, that the environment of your store is dynamic and welcoming, and that people won’t be driven away from the scene the moment they walk inside.

Or if you work from home, same thing, right? 

So, if your website is your second workspace, why wouldn’t you give it the same treatment as your original one? 

Having a website at all is a great first step, but if it isn’t doing its job of keeping your ideal clients on the page to encourage them to do business with you, then your website is simply isn’t doing its job

Ensuring your website is clean, compelling, and eye-catching is what will draw your ideal clients to come to you. But what does it take to make your website better?

Here’s three things you can implement on your website that will turn simple visitors into potential, long-term clients!

  1. Have a moving element on your landing and home page – This is usually a graphic slider, video, or other kind of moving graphic that will help to draw, and keep, the viewer’s eye. These graphics will make your website look dynamic and professional which will encourage your audience to seek more.
  2. Have compelling copy that speaks to your clients desires — Using copy on your website that simply advertises your services is fine, but it’s the bare minimum. You don’t just want to advertise what you do. You want to advertise the benefit. Ask yourself, “What does my ideal audience want, and how does my product or service give that to them?”
  3. Use professional photos to draw the eye of your audience — Stock photos can work well enough for your website in some cases, but professionally shot photos of you and your team are the element that’s going to drive your audience further into business. Photos like these will build a bond of trust between you and your audience.

Elements like these are what we use when building websites for our clients, and we did just that for our astounding client, Moksha Physical & Mental Training, MEDIA’s VIP client.

MEDIA – The Creative Agency had the honor of revamping Moksha Physical & Mental Training’s website. We gave them a complete makeover using the same techniques that were designed to speak directly to their audience’s desires. 

Moksha Training is a women-led fitness facility that doesn’t just focus on your body. At Moksha, they work to change your mindset and overall diet to make a lasting change on your weight loss journey. Moksha is committed to changing lives and making a long term impact on clients.

MEDIA’s web development and design team took all of Moksha’s requests and made it into a reality. This update was a success for making their website visually stunning, easily navigated, and spoke directly to their audience.

The new website also featured the trainers at Moksha Training, adding the personal element that clients desire. With added images, testimonials, and program information, Moksha was able to add some real work credibility to add to their already amazing portfolio.

If you are ready to take a leap and draw in more clients through your website, contact us today. We’re dedicated to helping any and every entrepreneur draw in more ideal clients.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Moksha, then click here to see their amazing website and programs.

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