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Update on Moksha Training’s website.

Wanna know how YOU can draw in your ideal clients by tweaking your website? 

Here’s three top things you can implement on your website so you can convert more and more visitors into inquiries!

  1. Have a moving element on your landing and home page – i.e. a video or photo slider that moves, to capture viewers attention to stop and look at your website, before they venture away!
  2. Have compelling copy that speaks to the heart and soul of your ideal clients’ and customers’ deep desires and problems YOU can help them solve! Maybe your websites are informative and professional – but does it speak to the soul of your client avatar?
  3. Professional photos are a MUST to portray you as the must-have, elite expert that you are. Having unprofessional, blurry, or poorly executed photos can distract your website visitors from the amazingness you have to offer!

These are just some of the elements we implemented for our client, Moksha Training, MEDIA’s VIP client.

MEDIA – The Creative Agency had the honor of revamping Moksha Training’s website these past few weeks. The website received a complete makeover and new additions to cater to Moksha Training’s ideal client. 

Moksha Training is a women-led fitness facility that focuses on the physical, psychological, and educational aspects of weight loss management. Moksha is committed to changing lives and making a long term impact on clients.

Update on Moksha Training’s website.

MEDIA’s web development and design team took all of Moksha’s requests and made it into a reality. This update on Moksha’s website made them more visible, easily accessed, and aesthetically pleasing. The new website also featured the trainers at Moksha Training, adding the personal element that clients desire. With added images, testimonials, and program information, Moksha Training also gained credibility to appeal to potential clients.

Update on Moksha Training’s website.

If you are ready to take a leap and draw in more clients through your website, contact us today. With our website package, you get:

  • A virtual strategy and planning session with our expert Creative Director, who has been providing media for corporations, organizations internationally and small businesses for over a decade.
  • Our dedicated team of graphic designers, copy-writers, editors, digital experts to collaboratively create and review the content of your website to make sure every piece of it works to connect and attract with your ideal web visitor.
  • A dedicated, expert web-strategy and development team to analyze your website and provide eye-opening findings.
  • A complete SEO-optimized website redesign that will compel your visitors to take action in the exact way you need them to.
  • 12 months of support from our expert team to keep your website secure, updated, maintained, and looking stunning while you focus on doing other things you love and are passionate about.
  • The ability to provide new copy, photos, and changes monthly so that we can keep your website relevant and up-to-date with the best information for your ideal high-end clients.

Contact us for more details. Spots are limited, so reach out NOW!

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