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How to Forge a Stronger Bond of Trust with Your Ideal Audience through the Captivating Power of Professional Photography – Featuring Steve Deal


What can you use to stand out to your ideal audience on social media?


When we as entrepreneurs see certain types of graphic styles trending on social media, we’re often tempted to mimic that same style.


Why wouldn’t you? You’ve seen it doing well on social media, and it seems to be getting people’s attention.


Where we start to see a problem is when every entrepreneur has the same idea, then eventually everyone’s feed is cluttered with graphics that all look the same.


This is where professional photographs become the best tools in your arsenal. 


When you’re trying to make a deeper connection with your audience, you want to present your authentic self. The best way to do that is through your copy, but your copy isn’t going to get your foot into their door.


To really reveal yourself and your desire to help your ideal audience, you have to break away from this idea that graphics are the be all and end all of your business. You have to break away from the trends and give them every bit of yourself from the start.


Professional photographs of yourself in your business help you separate yourself from the rest of the competition. They show your ideal audience that you’re not just an expert in your field, but that you’re willing to put yourself out there for yourself and for them.


Your ideal audience follows you because they believe that you’re authentic. Your message can do so much to touch the heart of their desires, and the images you pair with that message should reflect that.


That’s just one of the many reasons professional photographs are your best friend when it comes to social media marketing, but there’s so much more they can do for you. Here’s a few more reasons why professional photographs are right for your business. 


It cuts through the noise


It probably doesn’t suffice to say that social media is pretty cluttered. With every scroll and every post, there’s something on every app that’s competing for everyone’s attention. Yes, even your ideal audience’s attention.


Many businesses think that the best movie they can make is to create graphics based off of the newest trends. However, when you start making graphics that look like everyone else’s, you just start blending into the rest of the crowd. With professional photographs, you’re allowing your ideal audience to just see you, and you’ll be cutting through the clutter that they’re always going to scroll past.


They bring your voice to life


When you create compelling copy, you want your ideal audience to get an idea of your voice. However, when you compliment that copy with a graphic, you’re not giving your ideal audience a chance to feel the real you!


The truth is, your voice is so much more than the words you’re putting onto the page. Your voice comes from your body language and expressions as well. By using professional photographs, you’re giving your ideal audience a taste of your entire self.


They build a better bond of trust


You write compelling copy to touch the hearts of your ideal audience, but if you’re pairing graphics with that copy, then your images aren’t putting in the same amount of leg work. You’re attempting to build a bond of trust, so why would you hide your face?


By using professional photography, you’re doing away with the idea that your business is a faceless one. You’re showing your audience that you are your business, and they will feel more attached to a business that has a person behind it that they can empathize with!


These are just a few of the benefits that using professional photographs will get you. They’re the same benefits Steve Deal was looking to gain when he contacted us at  MEDIA – The Creative Agency.


Steve Deal recently partnered with Arch Access Control‘s Founder Martin Shepherd because of our shared mission to help ease companies’ fear of loss due to a cyber security breach. More importantly, doing cyber security with minimal or no disruption/reconfiguration of business processes. 


By helping companies significantly reduce that fear, they can truly focus on their mission and optimize value. Without fear, companies – and people – are empowered to fulfill their purpose and empowered to thrive.


With this new venture at Senior Account Executive with Arch Access Control, Steve recognized his photographs were very much needing a fresh new look to help build Arch’s brand and digital marketing presence. With our help, Steve was able to gain a wonderful portfolio of photos to do just that.


Thankfully, we have more talent to spare for your business!


If you’re looking to have a professional photography session, then contact us! You’ll receive a wonderful assortment of photographs.


To learn more about Steve Deal and Arch Access Control, check out his LinkedIn profile, Arch Access’ LinkedIn page, and the Arch Access website!


If you want to see a sample of Steve’s session and our wonderful work, then keep scrolling to check it out!










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