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How to Get People to Stay on Your Website and Take Action With You – Key Web Development Tips and Tricks for Your Website

In our digital age, having a website is the standard for businesses. It’s the go-to way to discover anything about a product, service, or company. But some websites are better than others, and it isn’t all about the sleek design and fancy font. Your website should have key components that truly make it marketable to your audience. It’s a place where your potential clients and customers not only get to learn about what you offer, but learn about who you are and the meaning behind your mission.

Take for example, the website of our web development and social media client, Waymaker Academy, a Christian Montessori School for children who think and learn differently. Waymaker Academy provides a Montessori education with the tools necessary to become independent and passionate learners. Their program allows children to learn with interactive, hands-on methods at their own pace, igniting their love of education.

Since they’re the must-have experts in their field, they knew to hire the experts when it comes to web developments and social media marketing.

MEDIA had the pleasure of working to create a website for them and handle their social media and photography. Read below to discover what sets their website apart from others and gives them an edge in website marketing, and what you can do to set yours apart too!

#1: Video/Moving Photo Slider

Our society is one that is easily distracted. It takes bright, visual content to grab our attention, which is why having a video or moving photo slider on your landing page is an important feature for your website. Statistics show that video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%, while including a video in a landing page can boost your conversion rate to 80%. Clear video and stunning photography captures the interest of your audience for more than a brief second, and helps them pause listen to your message instead of clicking away.

Waymaker Academy’s landing page showcases a video that describes who they are at the heart of their mission: inspiring a love for Jesus and a joy for learning in children.

#2: Weekly Updates

Having a website is important in the digital age, but what use is one that’s outdated? Weekly updates may sound like a lot, but it’s imperative that you are active on your website. You have to make sure that your content is up to date and providing the most up-to-date information that clients need to know. But there is another benefit to updating your website weekly. By making changes, adding to a blog, or generating any kind of activity, you are telling the internet that your website is active and not abandoned. This will help to drive traffic to your website, as it will continuously show up in searches.

#3: Implement Personal Elements of You and Your Team

It’s important to showcase what your business is about, but, in order to make a deep connection, clients need to know about you. If your clients know you and your team, they grow more comfortable and open to your content. Building a relationship with your audience makes it so that they feel connected to you, without having ever met you. That connection is what will keep them coming back to you and leaning into your message. The better they know you, the more that you will appeal to them as more than a brand name. Add elements that showcase you and your team on your website so that your clients can see and get to know the real faces behind the business. They’ll know who they are connecting with when they reach out and feel more comfortable doing so.

Waymaker Academy’s founders, Richelle Sasala and Tawnya Dilling, have a page dedicated to introducing themselves to their audience. Those who visit their website are able to get to know them and understand why they started Waymaker Academy. This develops a connection to parents who are looking for the perfect educational path for their children.

#4: Easy-to-Access Contact Information

Your clients see your website and love what you’re offering them. They’ve connected deeply with your message and want to contact you. But is your contact information easy to find?

The best method for contact information on your website is to first have it in one easy to access location. Then make sure it is in multiple places on your website, so if a client is interested after reading about your services they can contact you easily.

Waymaker Academy is a perfect example of this. They have one main contact page that is highlighted for parents to find. At the end of each of their pages they also have a button to contact them. Anyone who views their website will have no trouble reaching out.

You can visit Waymaker Academy’s website here to discover more about their mission and view MEDIA’s work on their videography, photography, and website design.

If you’re ready to update your business website, contact us! With our website package, you get:

  • A virtual strategy and planning session with our expert Creative Director, who has been providing media for corporations, organizations internationally and small businesses for over a decade.
  • Our dedicated team of graphic designers, copy-writers, editors, digital experts to collaboratively create and review the content of your website to make sure every piece of it works to connect and attract with your ideal web visitor.
  • A dedicated, expert web-strategy and development team to analyze your website and provide eye-opening findings.
  • A complete SEO-optimized website redesign that will compel your visitors to take action in the exact way you need them to.
  • 12 months of support from our expert team to keep your website secure, updated, maintained, and looking stunning while you focus on doing other things you love and are passionate about.
  • The ability to provide new copy, photos, and changes monthly so that we can keep your website relevant and up-to-date with the best information for your ideal high-end clients.

So what do you say? Are you ready to revamp your website so that it has all the key components to attract more of your ideal clients? Contact us for details. We have very limited spots, so you’ll want to lock yours ASAP.

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