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MEDIA – The Creative Agency was SO excited to be back with our VIP client, Dr. Shellie Hipsky, as we updated her photo gallery for her.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky, CEO of Global Sisterhood and Executive Director of Inspiring Lives Magazine, is a very visible client so quality photos are very important for her image.

Dr. Shellie had the best energy at our session and her photos turned out incredible! 

Here are some simple tips to follow in order to have fun while also sharing your message:

  1. Bring in elements that bring you joy and make you comfortable in front of the camera. This could be your phone, car, coffee cup, or anything else related to you.
  2. Just be YOU. Headshots are very important to have, but your social media should show you in your natural element. Have FUN and don’t worry about posing in every single picture.
  3. Pop in some product placement (if applicable) in your photos. Don’t make it too “in your face” and keep the photos natural so you can use the photos for a variety of marketing.

We are so thankful that Dr. Shellie Hipsky trusted us with her photography again and we look forward to shooting with her in the near future.

If you’re looking to update your photo gallery, contact us todayWith our Visible VIP package you get:

  • We commit to dedicating our team to you for 12 months, so you can receive the long-term results you desire, as we strategically set your business up for success for years to come
  • An initial strategy session with me and my team to help you identify your ideal high-end clients and how to best reach them – while living the life you love. After just this first call, clients feel uplifted, relieved, and a brand new sense of positive energy for their brand and vision and how much EASIER it can all be for them with our guidance and support.
  • Professional photo shoot by our Emmy-winning team so you’ll have compelling images that establish you as the personable expert people want to hire and refer – people will stop their scroll in their tracks when they see the images we create for you
  • Virtual weekly planning, analyzing and strategy sessions if you wish to have them, for us to absorb your voice,  to present you with our findings and give you a full review of your content (3 times a month) – PS the longer you’re with us, the less involved you’ll HAVE to be, but you GET to be as involved as you want.
  • Our award-winning creative team, dedicated to you – producing copy-writing that includes compelling messaging, copy-editing, and incorporating your photos for your Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin posting campaign that attracts your IDEAL clients organically and compellingly.
  • An instant audience of comments and engagement from our elite clients who are fellow clients of this VIP program
  • An online VIP community of amazing business leaders such as yourself to network with and lift each other up!
  • Personal revolutionary sales and presentation trainings for you and your team as needed to maximize the impact your marketing is having on your revenue
  • AND BONUS weekly blog posts and eblasts sent out to your lists for you so that you’re getting in front of your ideal audience even more, increasing the chances of them reaching out to you!
  • Expert feedback on your website to make sure that, as we’re directing traffic to it, your ideal high-end clients feel just as connected to you there as they do with the attention-grabbing content we’ll be creating for you!

Continue scrolling to view more photos from Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s photography session!

Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
Photo by MEDIA – The Creative Agency
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