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How To Ignite Your Business Through Events

Are you a highly ambitious entrepreneur looking to amp your business up? What if you found a way to enhance brand exposure, reach others with your message, and reap the benefits of in-person mingling?

Establishing communication with your current and potential clientele can set your business apart from others. When you take the time, effort, and money to host events as a means to reach your audience, that doesn’t go unnoticed. 

At MEDIA – The Creative Agency, we organize events that include effective media coverage, networking opportunities, and the chance to speak about the services you pour into the world for the benefit of others. Plus you get to learn about businesses you can benefit from as well. 

MEDIA recently hosted an event that gave incredible wellness experts the chance to promote their businesses while educating their audience. Those in attendance learned about varying holistic approaches to health and caring for their overall wellbeing. 

The Nurturing Your Wellness Within benefit held on Thursday, January 19, 2023 at the Oxford Athletic Club showcased expert speakers who discussed their services and how they could be a game changer for your health journey.

The speaker lineup included the following:

Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Executive Director and founder of The Global Sisterhood Non-Profit

The funds from generous donors to this event went to The Global Sisterhood to assist women and children locally and worldwide. When asked how the event helped her non-profit, Shellie said, “Hosting an event like this is a wonderful way to promote local businesses and to spotlight products and services while serving your community with knowledge from experts.” 

Sally Power, owner and founder of Treasure House Fashions

This business has served over 10,000 women in transition. Treasure House Fashions is a charity partner with the Global Sisterhood and together are powerhouse programs for those in need.


Tanya Bashor of Impart Clarity Around Narcissistic Abuse

Certified Trauma Informed Coach, Narcissistic Abuse Specialist, and Hypnotherapist Tanya Bashor shared a presentation discussing how to pinpoint what is keeping you from your desired success. She led an informative discussion about neurological responses to trauma and the varying types of trauma.


Dan Stoll, employee at Oxford Athletic Club

Dan covered traditional approaches to health and wellbeing, such as consuming healthy fats. 

Laura Ellis, Owner and Practitioner at Bridges Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Laura led a talk about how each individual can benefit from the simplicity of health. She shared her experience as an Oriental Medicine practitioner.


Brianne Kemp of Live Well Chiropractic

Brianne gave an engaging discussion about the health benefits of getting your body adjusted. Kemp also shared her journey about an unplanned business journey that led to growth. She emphasized consistency and embracing imperfection and mistakes along the way to learn and make progress. 

Katalin Reimann, owner and CryoSkin Elite Master Trainer at Quantum Klinik

Katalin riveted the audience with her expertise in the area of skin care and effective devices to decrease cellulite as well as devices that energize you. 

What the audience was able to take away from this event was invaluable. They were introduced to varying concepts and effective approaches for successful healthcare practices. Each member of the audience was gifted prizes and increased knowledge as well as given the opportunity to expand their network base. The speakers were given the privilege to share what they love with new faces and gain potential clients through this one event. 


Dr. Shellie Hipsky commented on the health and wellness event hosted by us and emceed by our CEO Marta Greca. She said, “The incredible Nurturing Your Wellness Within Event to raise money for the Global Sisterhood was a complete success! All the funds from this impactful event created by Marta Greca at my Oxford Athletic Club will go directly to our Charity Partnership Treasure House Fashions, which has helped over 60 charities!” 

Collaboration truly does make us all stronger together, and gives us the means to expand our impact beyond what we could ever imagine possible. This will not only help your business excel, but help countless others in the world by giving back. The ripple effect is unprecedented!

If you are interested in booking an event created by MEDIA – The Creative Agency, contact us.

Look below to see exciting images from this wellness event captured below!

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