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How to Improve Your Fitness and Become Stronger and Healthier in Less Time

You’ve got a legacy you want to leave with your business, and it takes a lot of your time, focus, and energy.

It takes so much that you’re not focusing on fitness and health, and you’re starting to feel the effects in your body. 

Every year you make the resolutions that you’re going to improve your fitness, but it’s so easy for that goal to fall through the cracks. You want to be able to enjoy all the hard work you put into your business and don’t want to sacrifice your health for your success. 

If only there was a way for you to hit your fitness goals and experience the results you’re looking for without rearranging your whole schedule…

Oh wait, there is! This week, we have the solution. 

We’re thrilled to introduce you to BODY20 Seven Fields!

Owners Tony and Lauren Fuoco began BODY20 Seven Fields with a desire to run a business that had a positive impact on others. When they found BODY20, a fitness-focused business in Florida looking to expand, they knew in their gut that this was an opportunity meant for them. Now as their own franchise in Seven Fields, PA, they combine technology with fitness to bring innovative, 1:1 workouts that give you quantifiable results faster than a traditional gym session. 

Today we’re sharing how this cross between science and technology is the solution for everyone with a busy schedule who wants to improve their health and wellness. 

What is BODY20?

BODY20 is a time-condensed workout that combines electro-muscular stimulation with low-impact movements. Using electrical stimulation similar to technology used by chiropractors and physical therapists, they have found a new way to utilize this science and create more effective workouts. Their “super suits” are medical devices worn during workouts which stimulate the muscles and dramatically increase results. One 20 minute training session replaces at least two hours in the gym.

Benefits that Go Beyond Weight Loss

This type of workout has amazing benefits that go beyond what other fitness plans promise. These sessions allow you to get faster results while lessening the strain on your joints and tendons. This means less time working out while improving your health and wellness. They also strengthen your endurance, correct muscular imbalances, and unleash your full potential. 

There’s even more going on beneath the surface. BODY20 workouts give an intense but painless workout to your muscles, which cause a greater release in lactic acid. This helps to detoxify your lymphatic system and flush your body of impurities. 

The best part is BODY20 workouts are for everyone, even if you have an injury or chronic condition. These low-impact, high-reward sessions help you stay on track and hit your fitness goals while acknowledging your unique needs. 

Supporting Your Goals

Not only do you get 1:1 training with BODY20, but their coaches go above and beyond to help support your goals. They help you accentuate your results with in-between session care, providing nutritional advice and encouragement to continue to do fitness activities you love.

One of BODY20’s unique ways of support is their InBody Scanner, which analyzes your internal body composition. You and the coaches analyze your results from this scanner, which helps identify muscle imbalances as well as areas to target during your sessions in order for you to be stronger and healthier. 

Your coaches are there to guide you through the workouts and continuously monitor your progress, so you can keep moving forward on your fitness journey. 

Ready to Learn More?

You can try BODY20 workouts for yourself by scheduling your FREE demo! Click here to make your appointment and discover how you can unleash your full potential.

We were able to sit down with Tony Fuoco and Bobby Waldron of BODY20 Seven Fields on our Mindset Moves podcast. Listen to their episode here!

Check out the photos MEDIA captured at BODY20 Seven Fields!


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