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How to Become the Must-Have Expert in Your Industry – Featuring our Photography of Turo Chiropractic

You’ve heard it many times by now: “In this day and age of social media, you’ve got to stand out among the rest.” And as much as that’s been said over and over again, you’ve got to understand it a little deeper. Because in order to stand out in today’s nonstop online world, you don’t just want to stand out so that your audience understands what you do; you want to WOW your audience so they feel that you are the must-have expert in your industry – that when it comes to your area of expertise, you are the go-to solution for them. That’s exactly what we help businesses and companies do with professional photography that attracts your ideal clients to you by creating a personal connection with them. We partner these professional environmental headshots with your compelling business story and share it with our readers in and our online magazine features, just like this one that you’re reading right now.

This week’s business feature focus is going to be something that you’re really going to want to lean into – Turo Family Chiropractic – because as a business leader who’s been in the trenches of COVID, you’ve likely been experiencing some discomfort when it comes to your health: perhaps lack of sleep, other physical symptoms like headaches, or not feeling like your best self energetically.

All of these physical warning signals can have a simple underlying cause, and finding the right solution for you is important when you want to feel your best and stay as healthy as possible. That’s where Turo Family Chiropractic comes in.

Turo Family Chiropractic opened in January 2012,  celebrating their ninth anniversary this coming January!

The practice focuses on their own chiropractic methods that differ from others.

“I practice a really unique style of analysis and correction to chiropractic care. We get a lot of people that come from all over because of the unique way we analyze,” Dr. Dan Turo, PRS Chiropractor, said. He is one of the wonderful doctors that you work with one-on-one when you visit their office. Dr. Turo Believes that all life is innately intelligent and that each of us is born to be healthy provided that there is no interference to the nervous system, the primary communicator and coordinator of the body. 

His sister, Angela Turo, Salutogenic Specialist, joined his chiropractic office shortly after realizing that their belief system regarding the health and general well-being of the body as a whole was very similar. They combined their special practices and now help their patients feel good physically and mentally.

“There’s people who want the spinal care approach, then there’s people who want the holistic approach, so we offer both services,” Dr. Dan Turo said. “When you hire us, you hire our team.”

They stress that each patient is different and they personalize your care so that you feel your best in your own time. 

They deal with everything from young children with digestive distress or autoimmune conditions to older patients looking to relieve chronic pain that they’ve never found an answer for. Working in conjunction with other health care providers, they look at all aspects of your personal health to give you the best positive results. 

When it comes to results, their patients say so much. Turo Family Chiropractic has helped people with weight problems, chronic pain, and so much more. With their accurate strategies and personal assessments, they work with you one on one to find the best solutions for you.

Angela Turo said, “One woman who I was working with was very focused on her weight. She was exercising, we were changing things with her diet, and she was still so set to get to a certain number. After working so long together she said, ‘I finally realized I’m stronger than I have been, I feel better, I have more energy, and the scale doesn’t matter anymore.’ That’s what I work for. If one more woman can realize that her weight doesn’t matter, then I’m doing it right.”

Turo Chiropractic encourages you to bring your family in. If you’re a mom that has struggled with your health, keeping up with the kids and work, or struggling with different health concerns that seem so unsolvable, Turo Family Chiropractic will help you feel better. Then they can help your kids, your husband, and anyone else in your family with feeling the best they can feel every day. 

And Turo Family Chiropractic isn’t just great at their area of expertise. They’re also great at communicating their expertise clearly, compellingly, and consistently online through their social media, so they can build that personable rapport with their social media audience. They provide regular informative live lessons and bust myths that many may have about the health industry, drawing in attentive watchers. It’s because of both their expertise and their talent for connecting with people authentically online, that they’ve hit yet another record-breaking quarter financially – yes, even during a pandemic.

They were wise enough to take us up on our recent offer of an environmental professional headshot session at our own brand new studio and office. You can view some of their favorite shots from the session below

Visit Turo Family Chiropractic on Facebook and Instagram and check out their website to contact them to begin your health journey. See their smiling faces below! MEDIA’s elite photography team took some stunning photos for them!


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