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How to INCREASE Your Ideal Clients’ Engagement on Your Website AND Your Social – VIDEO IS KING

When you want to give your audience a taste of what you’re really like, you need to go beyond using professional photography and compelling copy!


We spend a lot of time talking about the power of photography on our blog, and that’s because photography is a great tool for drawing in your audience and encouraging them to listen to your message.


However, once you’ve drawn your audience in, you may be left wondering what the next step might be to leave a strong, lasting impression in their minds.


The answer? Incorporating a video into your content, especially on your website, is one of the best ways to give your message more power and encourage your ideal audience to explore your website even further than they may have originally intended.


Putting your message out into the world with clear, compelling copy and beautifully taken, professional photos is about as close as you can regularly get to being in front of a crowd of people, showing them who you are, and telling them what you stand for. 


However, having a wonderfully crafted video on your website takes everything you want to portray to your audience and takes it to the next level, and that’s because videography helps show your audience the real, true you. Videos show you in action.


We understand that videos aren’t nearly as practical as using copy and images, but videos are absolutely worth the time and money you put into them. 


Here’s just a few reasons you should absolutely invest in videography:


  • Videos show your audience how much your message means to you: Proclaiming your message online through copy and a great picture is great and can’t be discounted, but there’s nothing more compelling that having a front row seat to your message. This is exactly what a video does. It gives your audience a seat to YOU, not just your message.
  • Videos will instill more trust in you with your audience: Being able to put your face to your brand and write your message to the world does wonders for forging trust between you and your ideal audience. However, nothing can compare to your audience feeling as if you are speaking your message directly to them. Allowing your audience to feel as though you’ve taken the time to sit and speak with them will forge something deeper. It’s the same reason politicians televise the speeches they give for their audience, and if it works for them, it will work for you.
  • Incorporating a video on your website will encourage people to stay there: When you incorporate a video on your website, especially on your homepage, your audience is over 50% more likely to stay on your site and take action. This should honestly just speak for itself!


When it comes to incorporating a video, such as a highlight reel, into your website, all you are going to see from it is benefits. This is something that we at MEDIA – The Creative Agency know very well. It’s why we have videos incorporated into our own sites.


In fact, our CEO, Marta, just recently had our amazing team create a new highlight reel of many recent presentations and education seminars that she has taken part in.


The video does a wonderful job of showing and telling her own audience exactly who she is, what she stands for, and how she wants to help every entrepreneur find the freedom that their business can give back to them.


Just as a video should, it grants her ideal audience the ability to have a front row seat to her, not just her message. After all, that’s what we’re all about at MEDIA. We don’t just want to show off your business or your brand. We want to show the world what you bring to it, and give you peace and ease in the process.


If you’d like to schedule a photography or videography session, then contact us. We’d love nothing more than to give you a great experience and even greater quality.


If you’d like to know more about Marta, then click here to see her own highlight reel.

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