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How to Live Your Best Life as a Business Leader – Featuring Kelly Miller

As a business owner, you’re familiar with stress, but you might not be the best at managing it.

When you’re stressed, it’s easy for your health to take a tumble and cause you to gain weight. You’re so focused on your business that you neglect taking care of the one who is responsible for it all…you!

Your business needs you at the top of your game in order to run smoothly and efficiently. And, of course, you deserve to feel good in your own body! Being overweight not only contributes to multiple health issues, but compromises your self-image and confidence. So how can you take care of yourself and lose weight so you can keep yourself and your business thriving?

We’re thrilled to feature Kelly Miller, a holistic health and wellness coach with a specialization in nutrition. Kelly is an R.N of 25 years who is fascinated by how the body is able to thrive and heal with the right fuel, and she is passionate about helping others improve their health. 

Kelly’s expertise is powerful for business owners, as her health and wellness programs help you lose weight, improve your energy, create clarity in your thoughts, and promote better sleep. 

We sat down with Kelly to identify what you can do to positively impact your wellbeing.

A Holistic Approach Uplifts Your Entire Wellbeing

While losing weight might be one of your main goals, Kelly cautions against focusing only on how you physically look. Your appearance is only one piece to the full puzzle. The best way to get healthy is to promote all aspects of health. When one is lacking, you unconsciously create blocks to your success. Focusing on your overall health will help balance all aspects of wellness and will keep you and your business thriving. 

Avoid Medications by Changing Your Diet

Being overweight often leads to new health issues and more frequent trips to see a doctor. There are medications for many things nowadays, and they’re easy to prescribe, but what many people don’t realize is that one medication usually leads to another. For every medication you take, there’s another to manage the side effects caused by the first. We could avoid medication for a preventable disease, such as Type 2 diabetes, by being more mindful of what we put into our bodies.

“We went from eating six pounds of sugar a year per person to 100 pounds per person,” Kelly said. “Now we have diseases that didn’t exist 100 years ago. It’s hard not to connect the dots.”

Instead of thinking in different parts, Kelly advises focusing on how one aspect of health affects the other. Restoring balance to the whole body helps to cut down medications and prevent diseases. Focusing on nutrition and food that will fuel you instead of processed food full of sugar and additives is a vital step in creating that balance, restoring your energy, and feeling better in your body. 

Your Mindset Matters

Most drugs, surgical options, and other weight loss programs initiated by the healthcare system overlook mindset. They don’t ask the questions of why you may be overeating or eating unhealthily. Instead of empowering us to change, they enable patterns of behavior to continue. Not analyzing the thought processes and habits that lead to these actions cuts a vital step in learning how to better manage your health. 

Knocking numbers off the scale isn’t the only important aspect of your health. Restoring your health, maintaining vitality, and continuing to be active and do all the things you love are just as valuable to your wellbeing. 

Connect with Kelly

You can learn more about Kelly and her programs by following her on Facebook, her Instagram accounts @kelly_miller3737 and @anicetum1975.

We had an incredible interview with Kelly on our Mindset Moves show! You can listen to her episode here. 

Take a look at Kelly’s photos taken by our MEDIA team and Head Photographer, Briana Rose! Thank you Infinity Custom Homes for the beautiful scenery in these shots.

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