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How to Optimize Your Website to Attract and Educate Your Audience

Your website is a hub of information, but is it working FOR you? 

Yes, when your audience lands on that home page, they should be able to easily navigate across a clean and minimalist design. But your website should be more than a brief overview of what you provide. It’s a gold mine resource for you to attract leads that close and educate your clients so they’re even more pleasant to work with. In turn, those clients stay loyal to you and refer you to others. 

So how do you know if your website is pulling all its weight? Today we’re breaking down three ways to make your website do the heavy lifting for you. 

Use Engaging Copy that Boosts Your SEO

While your website text should be educational, there are two things you don’t want it to be: boring and surface level. Instead of only talking about what you do, your certifications, and any of the technical aspects of your industry, you want to speak directly to the client and make them realize you are their solution. 

Providing engaging copy means getting deep on your WHY and HOW your business solves your clients’ problems. Identify their reasons for coming to your website and the challenges they are facing and create a connection that leads them to reaching out to you. 

Potential leads will reach out because they see themselves reflected in your copy. Make sure it speaks to your client!

There is one more layer to consider with your copy: ensure it contains tons of keywords that you know your ideal client would be searching for so they’re able to find your business as a solution. THAT, in addition to regularly adding copy to your website, are key for SEO. 

Add a Video to Your Homepage

What will capture your attention faster: a stand-still photo or a video? In our current digital age, video is king. Recent studies show that moving elements and video content on your website increases traffic retention by over 60%. That’s huge!

Adding a video will hold your audience’s attention longer, especially when positioned on a homepage. But there’s a catch; ensure the video doesn’t automatically play sound. Most people are irritated by sudden sounds they didn’t manually prompt, and it can lead them to close the page quickly.

Videos also help to create a deeper connection with potential clients. This method of education allows your audience to get a more personal feel for you and your business, which leads them to feel more comfortable and prepared to reach out for more information.

But don’t fret. If you don’t HAVE a video, you can simulate the same movement with a self-sliding carousel of impactful photos. 

Build Your Online Presence

A website is the one-stop shop for getting your audience to see you everywhere. Remember when we called it a gold mine? This is why!

If you have a pop-up on your homepage asking them to join your email list, and include a free offering to encourage them to join, then you can send them more information over time.

Linking your social media profiles, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, allow interested leads to follow you. 

Now, even if your leads don’t reach out right away, they have a front-row seat to read, watch, and absorb your content over time. This gives them the chance to get to know you and gain trust in you as an expert. When they reach out, it will make the closing process much easier because they already feel like they know you. 

Take a Look at Fibercon International!

MEDIA had the honor to step up to the plate and rewrite, design, and build a new website for Fibercon International! With this rebuild, we provided custom photography and videography curated to have the viewers of the website in their market leaning in. 

Remember: if you’re trying to please everybody for your website, you’re not really capturing anybody, so each website we create is designed for your specific ideal client in mind. 

Fibercon is #1 in steel fiber technology proven to increase crack stability, minimize crack propagation, and improve impact and fatigue resistance.

You can view their website here!

Does Your Website Need an Upgrade?

Contact us about our web design package and let’s find out if we’re the best fit for your website. 

Check out these photos taken by our Head Photographer Briana Rose of Fibercon International!

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