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How to Reach the Heart of Your Ideal Audience and Enthrall Them with Your Empowering Message – Featuring Dr. Shellie Hipsky


How do you present yourself online to draw in your ideal audience?


Every entrepreneur can agree that it’s no simple task. 


It can feel like such a hassle trying to get your foot in the door with potential clients. That’s why it’s so beneficial to put yourself in front of them on social media.


If you want to ensure that your audience will be drawn into what you have to say and feel even more compelled to work with you, then you need something that pulls them into your inner-circle. 


But what does that look like, and how do you convey that over social media?


The first step is to be nothing but your true self. Your ideal audience wants to hear from YOU! Your ideal audience has heard so much of the same thing from everyone else trying to reach them. They follow you because they believe that you’re providing them with something different and meaningful.


That seems easy enough, right? The first step of anything will always make the journey seem easy, but the next steps are where everything truly comes together.


Being the true you and conveying your message is key, but how do you successfully do that while convincing them to work with you?


There’s a lot that goes into reaching your ideal audience and turning them into potential clients. However, every journey toward this has to start somewhere, and there are three steps you can take to getting yourself closer to that goal.


Use Professional Photography


People’s initial attention has shifted from compelling copy to eye-catching visuals over the last few decades, and your ideal audience is no different. This means that professional photos of yourself in action is one of the best ways to initially compel your audience. Luckily, there are several ways to use photos to your advantage!


Professional photos don’t have to just serve as a pretty image to get your ideal audience’s attention. When you display photos of yourself doing what you love on social media, it helps to establish your credibility to your audience. It helps forge a bond of trust that you know what you’re doing, and that you’re the expert that can help.


Use Compelling Copy


Pairing your photographs with a compelling message that relates to your ideal audience is a vital next step in the process. It’s not enough to tell your audience that you understand what they are going through anymore. You have to give your ideal audience more reason to believe that you’re the expert they want to work with. 


So, how do you go about it? The key is to relate an example or aspect of your business to your audience through your copy. You might use an example of a scenario that you personally went through, tell them about what a client has gone through and how you helped, or talk about how your area of expertise is changing or growing and explain how you get through it. 


No matter how you slice it, your copy has to touch the heart of your ideal audience’s needs and desires.


Call Them to Act


What good will any of the previous steps do for you if your ideal audience doesn’t know what to do with the information? If you don’t call upon your audience to act on what you give to them, then they won’t interact with you or your contact.


Calling your audience to action doesn’t have to be made into a huge display. Sometimes it’s enough to simply encourage your audience to react or comment with your content on social media. Maybe you ask them a question and encourage them to answer. 


However, if you’re asking them to take the initiative to buy or contact you, then they need to be given specific instructions. If they don’t get enough information about how to make contact or make the purchase, then you may as well have done nothing.


Using these simple steps, you’re opening new doors that will allow you to make clear and compelling contact with your ideal audience.


They’re the same doors that Dr. Shellie Hipsky has opened for herself and her own business ventures. That’s why she reached out to us at MEDIA – The Creative Agency to help her continue to spread her message and grow her business.


Dr. Shellie came to us with amazing programs in place that she was able to create and build through her own drive and ambition. However, helping your business blossom into something bigger and better is always in the cards.


She is a public speaker and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself internationally. She’s also the CEO of Inspiring Lives International LLC where she provides business coaching through her programs Expert Level with Dr. Shellie, her signature EmpowerU Master Class, and World Class VIP 1:1 experiences. 


She’s is also the president of the Global Sisterhood non-profit, a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to make the dreams and aspirations of women around the world a reality. They accomplish this by providing education, resources, and connections to women in need to make their dreams happen.


With our help here at MEDIA – The Creative Agency, Dr. Shellie was able to spread the reach of  her message throughout social media and draw in more of her ideal audience. People that not only believed in her cause, but wanted to become a part of and learn more about what she had to offer.


It’s time to be like Dr. Shellie!


If you’re looking to spread your message through online marketing and attract more of your ideal audience, then contact us.


To find out more about Dr. Shellie and her many causes and programs, visit her website to see how she can help you grow!


Keep scrolling to see more of Dr. Shellie!








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