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How to Root Your Message in the Heart of Your Ideal Audience through Incredibly Simple yet Effective Marketing – Featuring Dana Corey

Entrepreneurs don’t just get into business to climb the ladders of status and wealth.


You got into your business because you wanted to help people and extend your message and service to people who truly needed it.


However, you do your best work with people who are open to receiving that message and that service completely because they feel compelled by your message. Your ideal client.


The best way to reach your ideal clients is through using social media because it’s the best way to reach the most people at one time. 


But how do you reach your ideal clients? How do you pinpoint precisely the right kind of people that wouldn’t just be open to receiving your message and service but are lying in wait to work with you, because they absolutely want to?


Online marketing can be tricky, but here’s a few tips to help you draw in your ideal audience and draw their ear to what you have to say.


Use compelling, concise copy that speaks directly to your audience:


Using specific terminology that connects your message with your ideal clients will allow them to see what you want to do for them. 


They will have a deeper understanding of who you are, what you do, and how they’ll be able to live more fully because of that service. Essentially, you want to speak to the heart of your audience.


You might think that you don’t want to exclude any potential clients or try to talk about all you do at once, but picking concise focuses for precise client avatars will be your key to true connections. 


Use stunning beautiful photography to draw your audience’s eye:


Copy can take you incredibly far when it comes to reaching the heart of your audience, but they need to be drawn into your message first before they even consider reading any further. 


We live in a visual age, and that means you have to have scroll stopping photos that encourage your audience to drop everything to read on. The best photos to work with are professional photos of yourself or your team or your ideal clients with you.


Be consistent in your posting:


Posting at all on social media is a great step especially if you’ve combined the two elements listed above. However, being consistent in your posting and constantly reaching out to your audience tells them that you’re not just speaking to them. It tells them that you want to speak with them. 


Being consistent means wanting to draw as many ideal clients as possible, and they’ll receive that message through that consistency.


These are the very same techniques that we use with our own clients here at MEDIA – The Creative Agency, and they’re just what one of our amazing clients was looking for.


We loved working with one of our recent projects for our adored client Dana Corey, who reached out to us because she understands the importance of connecting with the heart of her ideal audience using organic online marketing techniques like ours on social media.


Dana has been a business coach for 30 years and has run her own brands for 20 years. Over those years, she’s been able to enjoy working with every type of business ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.


Dana had a message to spread, and she knew that we were a company to make it happen for her and the ideal clients that she most wanted to work with. 


We knew we could make it happen, and the use of clear copy, stunning photos, and consistent posting is one of our most simple yet effective strategies to make it happen, not just for her, but for entrepreneurs like you.


With us, Dana was able to teach up and coming entrepreneurs some of her strategies, grow her following because of our methods, and gain potential new clients from her workshop and new following.


It’s our pleasure to be able to work with clients like Dana to help them gain more traction through phenomenal online marketing techniques that will stretch your message far and wide.


If you’d like to know more about Dana, visit her website and see what makes her an amazing coach and see how she’s helped others.


If you’re looking for a team to turn your social media presence into a new sensation through online marketing, contact us! It’s our honor to give you the star treatment that we give all of our clients!

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