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How to Stop Your Ideal Audience in the Middle of their Scrolling and Draw their Eye to Your Photographs – Featuring Sanna Carapellotti

When you’re taking new photographs for your business to draw in your ideal audience, the number one aspect you have to remember is that the image has to be striking to capture their eye to get them to stop scrolling.


Visual elements reign supreme on social media, so your photographs are going to be the first thing your ideal audience notices when they encounter you and your services.


So, if you’re just using typical stock photos to accompany your copy, then your ideal audience is likely to just keep scrolling.


But what makes for a captivating photograph, and how do you relate them to your ideal audience?


Here’s a few tips to make sure your photographs will stop your ideal audience dead in their scrolling that will relate your business to them:


  • Use well decorated backgrounds – Having a few photos of traditional headshots with plain backgrounds is fine, but the photos that will perform well on social media feature you surrounded by modern decor or lush gardens. Put yourself where your ideal audience wants to be! It will bring a stronger energy to your audience.
  • Make sure your photos relate to your copy – When you put your photos on social media or on your website, you want to make sure that the photos you’re using in conjunction with your copy relate to each other. Having good photographs on display is great, but making sure the photos make sense alongside the copy helps tell a better visual story.
  • Get photos of you and your team being yourselves – When all of your photos feature you and your team standing in awkward poses like cardboard cutout manikins, it reads as something boring to your audience. Using photographs of your team being candid gives them more personality and makes them more relatable.


Techniques like these are invaluable elements to drawing in your ideal audience, and we at MEDIA – The Creative Agency use them at every photoshoot we conduct to give our clients the stunning and captivating photographs that make them stand out.


That’s why we put these techniques to the test when one of our astounding clients, Sanna Carapellotti, wanted to have a photoshoot with us to improve her presence online!


Sanna is the founder of Life Changing Energy Therapies, which is an alternative and holistic health service dedicated to helping people better their mental and physical health.


So many people have benefitted from Sanna and her approach toward emotional management through energy psychology.


So, when she approached us for a new batch of photographs to put herself out there, we were absolutely excited to give her a helping hand.


If you want to update your photo gallery and show yourself, your team, and your services off to the world, then contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you increase that ever-valuable online presence.


Keep scrolling to see Sanna in just a few of the astounding photographs filling her gallery, and if you want to see more of her, visit her website!











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