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How to Stop Your Ideal Audience’s Scroll by Captivating Them through the Power of Professional Photography – Featuring Live Well Chiropractic


What’s the first thing you need to attract your audience to your social media marketing?


There’s a lot of entrepreneurs that will say that compelling copy should be at the top of the list, but copy isn’t what your ideal audience is looking for when they’re online.


When your ideal audience is scrolling through their social media, they’re not taking a few seconds to read a bit of every single post on their feed. 


Audiences online are becoming more discerning about what they choose to interact with, and the first thing that attracts them is always going to be an image.


The images you use for your online marketing campaigns make a huge difference in attracting your audience. That’s why we encourage every business owner and entrepreneur to use professional photographs when they market online.


Using graphics and stock images may help you for a time, but using professional photographs of your team and your products opens whole new doors for your business.


Not only are they more stunning and captivating, but they also allow your audience to open the door into your business. They’ll be able to see what it’s like to work with your team and place themselves in those situations.


Not only that, but they’ll be able to empathize with your team on a deeper level. When they consider using your business, they’ll feel more comfortable with the faces that will embrace them every time they walk through the door.


This creates a deeper bond of trust between you and your ideal audience, and it will plant the seeds that will grow into a deeper desire to follow through on their desire to work with you!


However, that’s just one reason to start promoting yourself with photos. Here are even more reasons why using professional photographs will touch the heart of your ideal audience!


They paint you as the expert


You’re an expert in your field, and you have the experience to show for it. However, there is some truth to the old adage, “Show, don’t tell.” Your photos are going to be the first thing that catches your ideal audience’s eye, and you want to be able to show them that you have that experience.


By using professional photos that display you and your team performing your services and using your products, you are showing your audience right away that you’re practiced and experienced in what you do. This will only enhance your credibility in their eyes.


They set you apart from other businesses


When you use professional photographs for your business that include your team, your products, and your services, then you’re setting yourself apart from your competition. Your audience’s eye won’t be easily swayed by a graphic image that could be compared to another company’s.


When you use professional photographs, you’re showing your audience that you want to be open to them, and that you want to serve them. You’re telling them that you’re not just out for their wallet, but that your business is wide open to them, and that you want them to get to know who you are and what you do.


They compliments your compelling copy


When your ideal audience is considering your services or products, they may feel anxious about what that service looks like for them despite what your copy does to alleviate those fears. This sometimes makes them too timid to reach out and seize an opportunity that will be great for them.


However, when you use professional photos of you and your team in action, it shows them what that kind of service looks like for them, especially when it displays the service that your copy is discussing. When you use professional photos in this way, it creates synergy between your copy and services, and it helps to alleviate more of your ideal audience’s anxiety.


They’re the same benefits Dr. Brianne Kemp is now seizing while she’s with us as a client at MEDIA – The Creative Agency.


Dr. Brianne Kemp is a chiropractor who owns and operates Live Well Chiropractic in Wexford, Pennsylvania. The doctors and staff at Live Well Chiropractic use health methods like chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, and infrared sauna technology to bring their patients to a healthier point.


Dr. Kemp, along with her husband, Dr. Chad Stemmler, and her fellow practice doctor, Dr. Amy Russo Burelson, dedicate themselves to relieving and preventing pain as well as other preventative and restorative care to their patients.


They vow to help you enjoy your best life because as they often say, this is not your practice life!


Through some of the same elements that we’ve mentioned above, Dr. Kemp and Live Well Chiropractic are able to establish themselves more prominently online. With professional photographs being paired with their content, they are able to spread the reach of their message and captivate the eye of their ideal audience. 


Thankfully, we can do the same for you!


If you’re looking to have a professional photography session, then contact us! We’ll deliver an amazing portfolio that will enthrall your ideal audience and draw them to your business.


To learn more about how Dr. Kemp, her team, and Live Well Chiropractic can help you live a healthier life, visit their website! Our team still has the site under construction, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any benefits for you waiting there!


While you’re at it, why not keep scrolling to see Dr. Kemp and the rest of the Live Well Chiropractic team in action!










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